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[Firefight] First FAQ and Errata now live

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  • [Firefight] First FAQ and Errata now live

    Hey all, the first Firefight FAQ and Errata has just gone live. You can find it here:

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    Thank you, I'm looking forward to reading it!


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      great new, thanks


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        Matt Hobday and the RC, thank you for creating this document. It was sorely needed!

        A few existing questions that were not addressed:

        Is the Improved Ordnance rule supposed to be taken literally for ANY Heavy Firepower weapon?

        What's the deal with the Heavy Laser Cannon?

        Why do vehicles often have weapons with the Heavy Firepower rule if they just ignore it?

        Can flyers shoot Camouflaged units since they are incapable of performing a long shoot action? (This was partially addressed in regard to Strafing Run in the FAQ)

        And some newer ones that have popped up:

        Does having a Protection X model within range keep a unit from being destroyed at the end of an assault if they lost and have enough Suppression tokens to be grounded? The rule is referencing quantity of tokens, not necessarily the state of being Grounded.

        How big is the entry point of the "hole" that a Tunneler creates when units are entering play because of the Pheremone Trail rule?

        Since you roll for Secondary Objectives before you deploy, what happens if deployment causes one of your Secondary Objectives to become impossible? For instance, you roll result 21: "The enemy General is worth an additional 3 VPs when destroyed." but your opponent deploys everything in Reserve and thus cannot declare a General?

        When using the Reserves order on a Transport vehicle and its occupants, which unit is actually recieving the Order? The unit inside or the Transport itself?

        Furthermore, if the the Comms Interference order has been given, can a Commander inside a Transport issue the order since the Transport is not part of the Commander's unit?

        When a unit with a radius effect is embarked on a vehicle, is the radius of the special ability measured from the hull of the vehicle? For example, Protection X, Inspiring, Command range, etc.

        If not, does open topped affect this?

        When using the new Smoke rules, which I like quite a bit, was it considered that if an open topped transport is hit with smoke, the occupants gain no benefit? Just seems odd to me.

        All for now. I'm sure more will arise on the road to Adepticon. Thanks, again!
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          Realizing that any answers to these questions would make this thread unwieldy in a hurry, I broke them out into individual posts.