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Terrain and line of sight

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  • Terrain and line of sight

    I have been playing Firefight for a bit now and my friends and I don't understand why Mantic made the rules for terrain so complicated. In the game you use line of sight yet when shooting through terrain /buildings there are all of these convoluted rules. We play it if you can see them you can shoot at them. I think you guys at Mantic were just trying to be to clever and made some rules that were not needed.

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    There was a lot of discussion for a long time about true line of sight vs an abstracted line if site. For causual play TLOS can often be better, but for any game vaguely competitive this causes lots of problems with how your models are posed.

    The extreme example is that you model all of your combat units curled up in a ball on the floor. They can now hide behind much more of the terrain and get into melee without taking as much fire.


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      100% true line of sight runs into massive problems as soon as conversions comes into place or the terrain is not made for TLOS and your models
      it just seems easier in the first place, but as soon as kneeling models, higher bases and ruins/windows comes into play you get into trouble

      worst case if you use scenery with windows placed a little bit higher or standard high defence walls and playing ForgeFathers
      with TLOS it is impossible for them to stay in cover and shoot
      also I am tired of all those discussions with TLOS and kneeling models shooting through an Anti Grav tank while they cannot be seen by the standing models on the other side of the tank

      Not all the rules may be needed in every game on every table, but it is better to have rules for all situations than just a plain TLOS that only works for ideal sized models with specific terrain and don't allow any conversions or using alternative models


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        I honestly prefer abstract LoS rules. Less arguments around whether or not you can/cannot see.



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          yeah abstract LOS is heaps better, i always hated TLOS in a game where a lot of terrain is not to scale.
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