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    Following from that, does mobile defences work in a formation. I would assume not, but rule wording wise, why is it any different from leadership?

    I would assume not - if an ajax strider is with other striders, as long as it's at the front it would create cover simply because its a vehicle and has a large base (since in formations models are targeted individually, and other units create cover)....


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      And another question: if you add a mortar and a HMG to a unit of ghouls, then the suprresive fire adds up, but what happens if you have two HMGs? Does that still add up? Its the same weapon, but on two different teams... My guess is yes, but I can see it being disputed...


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        Taken from the Firefight thread - what happens to a unit benefiting from a special rule that gives them protection from suppression if they lose that rule, and then have enough suppression tokens to be suppressed/grounded. Page 36 states that you only deal with it at the beginning of an activation, but page 49 suggests you deal with it as soon as its an issue. (The example being Marionettes benefiting from an Overseer with the protection rule being within 8" at the start of the turn, and then moving out of range).

        I haven't updated the thread in a while. I'll go through the firefight FAQ page and update this one with those that apply, hopefully this weekend.
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          The iron ancestor must be a mistake... i guess the regular one should have 1 not twin cannons, and doomstorm pattern twin autocannons should have 10 dice. Not sure about points cost.


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            They should be twin, but perhaps the doomstorm should say dual twin hailstorm autocannons.

            The 10 dice change was one of the first things on the FAQ list! I was looking at running a list of just iron ancestors - would be a nightmare to deal with! (But sadly I only have two models)


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              My gaming group and I had several discussions on some rules (we're not native english speakers):


              Does "re-rolling any misses" mean that we can reroll all misses (the dice miss their target value) or does it mean re-roll any to hit misses (the unit misses its target)

              Hit and run:
              The text "The Shoot action is considered to be a short action ..." is not clear enough for us. Does it mean that we can shoot Heavy Firepower weapons or not?

              Move, Move, Move and Defensible Terrain / Transport:
              This is a bit nitpicking. Defensible Terrain / Transport state that a unit which moves with a Double Move action can not enter/exit. Move, move, move is a triple move action... (Common sense helps too ;-))

              Special rules:

              Does the movement of the transporter affect the shooting of the unit inside (e.g. units with Heavy Firepower weapons)?

              Rant from our Enforcer player:
              Why is the Enforcer Thermal Rifle worse than the GCPS one?


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                For all that have questions, rules queries or anything related to Warpath and/or Firefight please send an email over to While forums and Facebook are a great resource, the best way to get your voice heard is to email us directly. I will be sending a notice out shortly that will go over the members of the Warpath/Firefight RC and we will begin work on the first FAQ. We have not ignored this, but wanted to give some time for the game to be played and see what wrinkles need ironing out.


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                  Finally updated the first post with the rest of the questions - Joe Neet I think you have them all already from other sources, but in case not they are all in one post now!

                  Mokus In the case of your move move move question, it explicitly answers your question in the order. Similarly it explicitly answers your hit and run question in the order (the sentence after the one you quoted).


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                    Added two more faq questions from fb:

                    - how do you deploy formations? All at once, or one at a time? Pros and cons both ways...
                    - if a peice of terrain can hold many team's, can it hold many units, friend or foe? Rules suggest both ways - but the interesting but is exploding vechiles damage being limited to the terrain it's in. In my mind I think of terrain as deadzone cubes, with one team per cube.


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                      The shields rule says it only blocks against shooting attacks. What about vehicle explosions?

                      What happens if a vehicle rams a unit and explodes (plague) or is destroyed in melee, do shields work then?
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                        MrPieChee I think you forgot to add the questions I had regarding the GCPS' and Plague's Grenade Launcher ranges to your post on the top, I 'd kindly ask you to do so until we have an official answer.

                        Commanders in terrain and Transports and Command Range:
                        If a commander is in a piece of defensible/fortified terrain, does that mean that its Command Range is measured from the edge of the terrain like all ranges?
                        Is it correct to assume that a Commander can order an allied unit from the safety of a transport,e.g. a Hornet or Drakkar, or an open-topped transport, as a transported Commander is still considered in play? If yes, dou you measure the distance from the vehicle as would from a piece of terrain?
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                          Its the very last line in the post!

                          I'll add your other question as well though.


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                            Should Enforcer jetbike Ranged and heavy support teams have their twin laser assault rifles as dice 3, not 6.
                            Also, the enforcer jetbike ranged support model has a normal burst laser not a heavy burst laser - should the rules reflect this?

                            Finally, Iron Ancestors have the special rule Bulky - does this mean strider's can be transported? I assume its a mistake an a vehicle can't be transported in another vehicle... Having said that it would be cool to drop a strider off with a hornet! Or have one jump out the back of a Mule!


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                              I'm sure this one was discussed already, and I think the rules are pretty clear, but for Clarity:

                              How do experimental blast weapons work - is a single damage resolved on the firing unit, or is the full blast?

                              RAW it seems pretty obvious that the full blast would hit the unit, so an Acid/Chem-sprayer on a terror would cause 2D3 damage on itself if a one is rolled. (I would assume that area of effect and saturation don't come into play because these are resolved at a different point.


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                                It's been discussed in another thread, but to keep potential changes in one location I'll breifly mention it here - should steel warriors have more dice (6) on their hailstorm rifles?
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