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  • Nightcrawler - Tactics

    I thought i'd give this a try, feel free to add anything else I may have missed or you think could be done differently.

    Night Crawler's, I love these guys, fast, cheap as chips so you should always be able to field plenty of them. But don't expect to many of them to survive battle.

    Main Jobs - protecting the Brood Mother/Tangle, hiding the Night Terror, swarming if you get the order off and forcing your opponent to use up activation's so your harder hitting stuff can move around in relative safety.

    Weapon Upgrades- not a big fan of these, even 2 upgrades means one less unit of crawler's on the table and hitting on 5's or most probably 6's seems a bit of a point waste. Maybe one or two teams with an upgrade for some variety, but I'd leave most of them basic, they're expendable for a reason.

    Shooting- let's be honest despite a respectable amount of shooting dice their chances of killing even the weakest enemy unit standing in the open is pretty slim and Any negative modifier means 6's to hit.
    So their default shooting action should be "Blaze Away" with only a slim chance of killing anything better to have them pile on as many suppression tokens as you can. Every once in a while you'll roll 4 or 5 sixes to really annoy your opponent.

    They can, in a pinch, hold a strategic objective but being expendable you'll lose any extra bonus's that comes with it.

    Hope that helps fellow Brood Mother's
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    My dark elves, now twilight kin, My vampire counts, now undead, thank you Mantic Games
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    Question: What would you field in support of your crawlers?
    Does the lack of oomph they generate on their own make them a good supporting unit or, if fielded properly, could they be an annoyance to the opponent?


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      weapon's platforms, brood mother, maligni, creeper's, night terror's, progentor's and maybe a few units of stalker's, to round out what's set up on the table
      My dark elves, now twilight kin, My vampire counts, now undead, thank you Mantic Games
      My Dark Eldar will soon be ....................


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        As soon as I finish modelling my GCPS (and the painting/basing) we'll have to get some games in to suss out some tactics for here.