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When will the Stuntbot available again?

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  • When will the Stuntbot available again?

    Hi everyone,

    as the title says, does anyone know when the Stuntbot will available again for purchase?
    I build some myself by using Killabots of this other company. But I love the style of mantic and would like to have the original Stuntbots.


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    There is a chance that they will return if Mantic gets their in-house resin casting up and running. The OOP Urban Pattern Iron Ancestor is for example confirmed to return, so maybe us Marauder Commanders will get lucky as well and see the Stuntbots' return.

    PS: Personally, I 'm also hoping for a redesign of the Goran Auxillaries, more along the lines of the concept art in the WP rulebook. I'm not a big fan of the repurposed plastic fantasy Orcs from 1st Ed WP.


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      Oh yes that would also be great.
      I got lucky with my Crazy Bonanza Box and had a second Raptor in it. But I think most of the Marauder Commanders would like to have them too.