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Sell me on the Warpath Sourcebook and other fluff sources for RPG play

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  • Sell me on the Warpath Sourcebook and other fluff sources for RPG play

    I am enjoying the look and feel of the Warpath universe, and will be exploring the possibility of running a RPG based in that setting. Now all I need is more fluff. The only game I currently own is Star Saga. I am looking for more information on the various alien races, the underworld, technology and daily life in the human dominated regions.

    Is the Warpath sourcebook the way to go? Can anyone give me the gist of the book?

    What about the Deadzone rulebook or the various short story compilations?

    Generally it seems that information is spread across all properties and I am having a hard time knowing were to look for say more information on the Chovar race or a run down of the top corporations.

    Any help would be appreciated

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    I guess the short answer is all of the above!

    Having read the first compilation of novels I can definitely say that these are worth a read. However, these are stories more about personal characters within the setting. I think you would benefit far better from getting a copy of the source book. I have read some of it and really like the way its written. You get a run down of major events in the timeline of the GCPS, the events which led to the scourge (plague) and a rundown on all the factions.


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      Indeed, the Warpath Sourcebook is your best bet, and this little page might help as well, dated tho' it might seem.


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        The Sourcebook gives you the core of the universe. You can get some more info from the warpath universe website (there are good army fluff pdf's there), but anything other than the main races you have to look to deadzone and dreadball. The Deadzone core book has a little, but not much. I don't have the expansions to tell you how much is in them. Dreadball has the most races, but again I don't have the book to tell you what fluff is there.

        The new book has appeared in KS backers hands, and I hope to get a copy in April...


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          Yes, I've gleaned most of my information, art, and fluff off of the Deadzone and Dreadball Kickstarter pages and updates, though I haven't purchased either game yet. The universe sounds like a nice space opera setting.


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            secret apprentice, what system would you be using? I 've got my eyes on Savage Worlds for a while, but I never find myself to have the time for getting a campaign started.

            I find that the Warpathverse - where sci-fi meets classic fantasy and horror tropes and gives them a new refreshing spin - has a lot in common with cyberpunk Shadowrun* (with a lot less of magic, despite teleporting turtles and such), hard-scifi Alien franchise (with a lot more alien creatures than the xenomorphs and the Predators), or the Dark Matter TV show, not sure if I 'd call it Space Opera.

            * Star Saga is essentially Shadowrun in Spaaace, even more once the Character generation rule sets are out.