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  • Rebs in Warpath?

    Do we know if there are any intentions to bring the Rebs into Warpath?
    I think they are one of the more interesting factions in Deadzone, and I for one would love some more minis for a Rebs Faction for warpath - Maybe some vehicles...

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    I like the idea of the Rebs too, however, there would be a need to define their playstyle first, in order to set them apart from other armies with plenty o' cannonfodd... military personnel to achieve their objectives.
    Another question would how detailed the Alien / Human interaction should be represented. E.g. in Warpath proper, a Grogan specialist would be just a regular Equipment upgrade (ironically), but in Firefight, one could argue that the Grogan should be given better stats to represent his thoughness.

    Then there is both a design AND an aesthetic question: Whether you would want to represent the Rebs as motley crews divided by their specialized roles or divide their units by race? I tend towards the former, as only Teratons with their larger size and with their teleport ability are a special case. Also, having a diverse mix of Reb troops can add a lot of charm to such units.

    Taking clues from Deadzone, there are basic Rebs and there are more specialized troops. The specialized troops can be roughly divided into very mobile troops (such as scouting Yndij, Kraaw, Zees,...) and special weapon squads (snipers of all shapes and sizes, tankhunters like Sphyr Lancers and Grogan with Desolators, or assault troops like Teratons, Rin Nomads,...)

    I 'd roughly divide Warpath Rebs into these categories, which can be made up of a mix of aliens and humans, or entirely of either:
    Reb rabble: low accuracy, low def, numbers, assorted ranged weapons like the Goran Auxillaries, Equipment options: Soraks with Blasters OR incendary bombs (Molotovs!, granting a short ranged blast attack and saboteur); Personnel: Either a leader with +1 Nerv (agitator) OR Leadership (Reb Veteran).
    Reb Cells: average accuracy, low def, numbers, assorted ranged weapons like the Goran Auxillaries, but a limited no. of team can be equipped with laser rifles. Equipment options: grenade launchers or flamers, Grogans with desolators or onslaught cannons, Soraks with blasters
    Reb Infiltrator Cells: average accuracy, average def, laser rifles, better Assault stats, Scout - Yindij and Kraw go here. optional teams with better melee stats (Rin Nomad upgrade) OR Saboteur teams with incendary bombs and flamers or Sniper teams.
    Reb Engineers: average accuracy, average def, limited numbers, but options for weapon teams or short range AT-weaponry, Reb troops like Grogans with Desolators and Sphyr Lancers; Leaders can fortify positions.
    Teraton Shock troops: good ccuracy, AP weapons and good in melee, Teleport as a specialized order; Option: Teraton leader with flamer and grenadelauncher

    Further options: Repurposed civilian vehicles (see Raptors for stats), Striders, Teraton Matron (like the big teraton from the Reb set, massive infantry, tactician, Inspiring for Teratons only)
    Rebel Leaders / Universal Upgrades: (Agitators: Inspiring & Command 1, EX-GCPS-Military: Leadership & Command 2), Medics (Judwan), Grogan Veteran Engineer (Fortify Position order), Reb Snipers (Precision fire order)

    All in all, in the meantime you could represent those choices well with a GCPS army.
    Reb rabble = Recruits,
    Reb cells = Marines
    Infiltrator cells = Rangers
    Reb Engineers = GCPS heavy weapon squads OR allied Enforcer Heavy Support teams (Grogan heavy weapon unit)
    Teraton Shock troops = Allied Peacekeepers


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      Mantic said a while back that rebs are planed for the next wave of Warpath releases... but that was two years ago now, so things could have changed! I'm guessing Rebs and the Nameless will get released together, and probably via a kickstarter which I really hate. I'm guessing lancers and Narsa/Spectra will see a release at the same time.

      I liked the idea of Rebs having a motley basic unit, and then specialist units for each race. Making them unique would be the key as you said - all units being specialists, only good at one thing would be a start. Then I think having lots of scouting/infiltration/stealth so you start a game with most units half way across the board...


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        Do we have anything official now regarding Rebs, or any other list?
        While I understand that Mantic don't want to give us rules without models, some people interested in FireFight after playing Deadzone dropped it after they heard that they cannot play their faction (Rebs) there.

        Also some were disappointed that there is no generic list like in KoW (eg Kingdom of Men) to use the many SciFi human models out there.
        a Reb list would fit that role perfectly


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          I would love to have a generic kingdoms of men army list. I think a lot of people will claim this is the GCPS though :/ but I would like to see this as well.


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            I think you're taking a very narrow view of Rebs without looking at Dreadball. I drafted a Rebs list as part of the original Warpath Rules Committee that included Koris, for example, that could set up portals to travel through.
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              Are you allowed to publish this draft?
              Or is it not worth as the final list is coming soon?

              And are there other lists the RC is working on?


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                Originally posted by Baragash View Post
                I think you're taking a very narrow view of Rebs without looking at Dreadball. I drafted a Rebs list as part of the original Warpath Rules Committee that included Koris, for example, that could set up portals to travel through.
                Not sure who is might be directed at, but, I personally find Reb units with mixed species present a bit more appealing than having seperate units for each species. First of all, it would help to reflect the asymmetrical warfare much better, with some specialised units - like Teratons - being an exception. And it'd give you some freedom to use a range of models for your own Reb list (e.g. one player might use Crystallans as his Engineer Rebs, another might use the old Grogan and wrench-wielding Zees for hers.)
                Having special units for each species with lots of unit-specific special rules can get exhausting and might kill the smoothness I enjoy in WP, also it might turn Reb lists into super-specialised elite crews of aliens, with the basic Rebs not present due to having juicier choices. (On a sidenote, I didn't consider Koris as part of the GCPS or Rebs, more of an independent species, but I'm not familiar with their background):

                However, the main point for the Rebs becoming a full-fledged army in WP would be to define their concept and playstyle first. We do have 3 armies that feature strength in numbers, the GCPS, the Plague and the Veer-Myn. And fortunately, each with their unique playstyle, so this is the main question to solve first when we want to fit the rebs into WP.


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                  Of course Rebs should be the army that have the freedom to use all kind of models (Human and Alien) for any unit.

                  I like the idea of specific units/aliens having specific skills
                  But I see an FireFight/Warpath army more like a composition of different commando units

                  An army of several Deadzone Teams with different upgrades and different alien races in each team, (1250 points: 8-10 Teams + looted tanks)
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