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Veer-Myn tunnellers

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  • Veer-Myn tunnellers

    It seems my streak continues. No game that I play do I choose the right army to start with. In the case of Warpath, I kick-started the Enforcers and after playing them for a few games, did not like them much (but the game itself plays fine). I decided to try GCPS with a friends models and I much preferred the 'horde' mentality.

    I decided to buy a Veer-Myn army, I got lots of models and am going to play my first game with them tomorrow. This brings up a question. Does anyone know when the Tunnel runner and/or Tunneler will become available to buy? I created an army list and will have to substitute these for now. However, I would like to know when I can/should expect to be able to buy the models.
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    You'll be able to get them before the end of the year. Just trying to get the last of the KS ones out.