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  • Veer-Myn tunnellers

    It seems my streak continues. No game that I play do I choose the right army to start with. In the case of Warpath, I kick-started the Enforcers and after playing them for a few games, did not like them much (but the game itself plays fine). I decided to try GCPS with a friends models and I much preferred the 'horde' mentality.

    I decided to buy a Veer-Myn army, I got lots of models and am going to play my first game with them tomorrow. This brings up a question. Does anyone know when the Tunnel runner and/or Tunneler will become available to buy? I created an army list and will have to substitute these for now. However, I would like to know when I can/should expect to be able to buy the models.
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    You'll be able to get them before the end of the year. Just trying to get the last of the KS ones out.


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      Excellent. Are they coming out seperately? They're available in bundles but not alone.
      Also, will the extra passenger section be released as well? It had more interesting side panels, the normal tunnellers didn't seem to come with.
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