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Fluff Question: Multiple Brood mothers?

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  • Fluff Question: Multiple Brood mothers?

    Is there any fluff confirmation of there being multiple broodmothers in a veer-myn brood? I kind of think of it like Zerg in a sense in Starcraft/2. If any of you are familiar with that, in the Zerg campaign, Kerrigan is trying to retake control of the Zerg Swarm she first makes it a point to gain control of Zagara, who is kind of like the MAIN queen (umm,,.. besides Kerrigan I guess....)

    But are veer-myn more like nekked mole rats where the queen puts of pheromones that cause the rest of the rats to listen to her? and also makes them sterile? Or Do you think there is a possibility for there to be several broodmothers in a large enough brood?

    How big are Veer-myn when they are born? How many pups does she have in a litter? Is she the only one having the new veer-myn?

    What do you all think?

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    From the Veer-Myn dossier available at

    "The most important figure in the nest, however, is the Brood Mother. Brood Mothers are the matriarchs, the one binding factor relating every member of a Veer-myn brood, for it is through her that every member is related. That is not to say that the Brood Mother gives birth to each member of the brood personally. Instead there is a caste of females within each nest whose sole purpose is to aid the Mother in populating the brood. Most conflict with Veer-Myn stems from their desire to safeguard the Brood Mother, and hiding her is their overriding priority."

    So, yes, there are multiple brood mothers.


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      In the animal world, queens might work together to build a nest early on. Then one gets ambitious and tries to send their goons to take out the others.
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