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  • What do you divulge?

    I’m just interested to hear how you guys go about playing your secondary objectives. With the possibly of rolling up such things as kill the enemy general, kill a commander, destroy the highest costed enemy unit etc, you need to know exactly which units these are. Asking your opponent once you’ve rolled kind of gives the game away just a touch. Unless the idea is that these things are supposed to be kept as secret as possible so you would possibly only find out at the end of the game whether a certain model you managed to kill was the enemy general or not for example? Do you go through your list with your opponent before rolling for objectives pointing out what’s what in case they roll that particular one? Do you print out a duplicate list with all the information on? Do you not even bother keeping secondary objectives secret (which is what we’ve been doing so far to be honest)?

    Obviously ‘Prospecting’ for the FF is another issue regarding this.

    Just curious to hear your thoughts really.

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    We generally play with open lists and stuff like who is the general is written on it.
    So we go through the opponents list before we start to play, ask for units that are unclear (in case of count as) and therefore know those things without making it obvious


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      If I am playing someone I don't know, I usually ask what things are what etc, why they can do x with y unit. That way, the game isn't slowed and I can react accordingly.

      Or, if I know the player but not the army, I'll target whatever I think is scariest and then work my way down.

      An example of this is a game I played yesterday against my friend in Dystopian Wars.
      He had a large, dreadnought size ship (Generally the largest and shootiest ship in any fleet) and a few other things... My secret objective was to destroy all of his small craft (usually destroyers, frigates, corvettes etc) and 50% of his army value...
      So naturally after he opened fire with his massive ship, I decided that that had to die after I achieved my primary mission parameters.
      I later (about turn two) learned it was actually a Massive size fleet carrier and not a dreadnought at all. My relief was palpable and I became that much more aggressive.

      I know I went off topic there, and should be slapped with a "Stay on target" bat, but I actually really enjoyed the game that way. Not knowing everything really kept the tension in the game as every potential ship could be quite destructive and hard to destroy.
      That and my objectives were readily apparent... kill the smallest stuff and half of his fleet.

      I know that barely helps but...


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        it's a bit easy with my veer-myn, the brood mother is the big fat rat lol, but an just about all gaming systems ill say what's in the unit as i deploy it ( unless something is "hidden" by a special rule)
        this is a unit of nightcrawler's with a progenitor, this is unit of creeper's with hacker half tail, this is a unit of nightmares with the broodmother etc as for the things like the highest costed unit that's usually a best guess and hope.
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