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Any ETA on Mars Attacks Content?

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  • Any ETA on Mars Attacks Content?

    The title pretty much says it all. I was just wondering where adding the Mars Attacks Martians and Humans to Warpath & Firefight was in terms of development.

    Given how long its taking for DZ2, I'm a little concerned and was hoping for early confirmation that this was in progress.

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    I am eager to see the rules as well. I worked on a fan edition of the Martian rules for the last version of Warpath and was excited when they promised an official list on the kickstarter. Since we have not heard anything since the end of the kickstarter I am starting to panic.


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      I just need to finish my robots and my faction will be complete. Just finished my saucers


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        So, I came onto the forum to ask just this question, only to discover that I'd already asked it at the start of the year without any sort of answer from Mantic.

        Is this still in the plans, or is it another broken Mars Attacks promise like getting anything beyond a beta list in Deadzone 2?