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    Hello everyone,

    My gaming group is getting into warpath and I chosen the mighty Forge Fathers as my faction of choice. I'm looking for some basic army building advice and a good link to their fluff.

    So far I'd like to build a force that features one or both variants of walkers, at least one kitted out unit of the heavy armor guys, and then the rest of the army to make it playable. I'm not a fan of the Brokkers currently but if I could find out more about their fluff and if they are needed in an army I might change my mind.

    What are the typical upgrades to take for each unit and should I always purchase the unit leader upgrades? Also what upgrades are most helpful on unit leader?

    Thanks for your time.

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    Fluff here.

    From your other post, I assume you mean Warpath: Firefight? Its worth making it crystal clear which you mean, because while they are similar army building is very different.

    The games still in its infancy, so I would play with what you like the look of for the most part. In Warpath Steel warriors arn't worth it - Militia or veterans are what you want. Iron Ancestors in all variations are great! I'm sure someone else will post some tips for firefight FFs...


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      Thanks, yeah I'm talking about firefight.


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        I haven't played Firefight much, but here 's my take on the Forgefathers-

        - One or 2 Forgelords are a must. They will keep your units in fighting shape due to Inspiring and Protection (regular infantry). This means that infantry never is grounded when in the radius of a model with Protection. The Shield Projection is not that impressive, but can help too.
        - Huscarls grant an unit Shield 3 and Command 2, so they are pretty useful in my opinion. You can either upgrade the unit leader to a Huscarl too or you could take them in addition to unit leaders, so you get an extra equipment slot, as these ① or ② do not stack. Meaning if you upgrade an Unit leader to a Huscarl, both with ①, only the ① counts - so only one equipment upgrade.
        - Haven't tried the Artificer yet.

        - Forgeguard are always one of my first choices. Add a Sergeant or even a Huscarl for Shield 3, and equip them with hailstorm autocannons for extra firepower too. Expensive, but deadly.
        I think they might work fine in Brandr Tanks with their Transport of 5.
        - Stormrage Veterans work best as a basic unit with autocannons and a leader upgrade or as specialists with a mix of missile launchers and Magma cannons. If you take the regular Stormrage Veterans, I 'd advice you NOT to upgrade to one of the special weapons, as they are both Heavy Firepower. This way, the Stormrage Veterans can move and shot with their Hailstorm Autocannons. If you want to take the Missile Launcher and Magma cannon upgrades, I advise you to take the Stormrage Veterans Specialists instead, which can pick a mix of up to 4 magma cannons and/or missile launchers. You could mix them like in the Warpath units, because they are allowed split fire between different targets.
        - Steelwarriors have the same Def of 5+ like the Stormrage Vets and you can have up to 10 of them. But they are more expensive when taking a fully equipped unit, but are a key to holding objectives (I think they work better in FF than in WP, at least). They work well in a Drakkr transport, but need the Unit leader upgrade for the +1 Nerve. Headstrong is nice, but Nerve 3 adds to their survivability and reliability.
        - Hammerfist Drop Troops are even more mobile, but they need to come in range of a commander OR have a Huscarl in their ranks. Thus, one very useful choice is the Huscarl in an unit of Hammerfist Drop Troops. This way, you get to deploy them anywhere on the table, due to their Command of 2 and a Shield (3) on top of it. Please note: Their weapons have heavy firepower, so when you deploy them with aerial deployment, you can't shoot with them, but you could grab an objective or engage an enemy.
        - Not convinced of Militia and I never used them, but I find Brokks die too easily. Their damage output - 2 dice with their burst pistols and in melee - can be surprising, if they reach an enemy.

        - The Hellermal Iron Ancestor is very good, as it can fire both its flamer and the heavy magma cannon at the same time and at different targets. Also, you get 2 dice for your magma cannon with Anti-Tank.
        - The Brandr Tank is an excellent compromise of short range firepower and transport.

        I personally like the fact that you can get Hailstorm autocannons for unit leaders or rather all models with ① or ② next to their unit entry. Adding an extra weapon with longer range to the unit, so an unit of Steelwarriors could have 3 of them (2 regular upgrades and 1 for the unit leader).

        Hope that helps.
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          How does this look for a 1500 list? Is it too few units to be effective or are super elite armies viable?