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  • Stormrage Heavy Weapons Vets

    I picked up Operation Heracles at the Mantic Open Day last Saturday. I have started to assemble my miniatures. I decided upon a couple of squads of Stormrage Heavy Weapon Vets built under p107 of the main Firefight Rulebook (as I think I will play Firefight more?) but the unit does not have a corresponding entry in the main Warpath Rulebook? Was the omission of this unit from Warpath intentional?

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    In warpath it would be a two team unit, one Brakkarim and one Issilgarim. (Or just a Issilgarim team depending on how you made your firefight models)


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      Thank you.

      I am planning two five man teams:

      1) 1 Autocannon,4 Magma Cannon
      2) 1 Autocannon, 4 Missile Launchers

      Are these both legal Issilgarim Teams?


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        For warpath I think they should be 1 pistol/leader guy, and two each of the heavy weapons. But, i'm pretty sure that no one will mind in the slightest, and additionally, I don't think more players (and probably mantic) will mind if you only have 4 in the team.

        My plague are only going to have 4 models per team base (with the exception if zombies where i'm using fantasy zombies as well, and cramming as many onto a base as I can!)


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          Agreed. My thinking was that in Warpath the models can mix and match in the Teams to create two team bases.
          Each would have Leader (autocannon counts as pistol) then 2 x Magma Cannon and 2 x Missile Launcher......