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Enforcer Paint scheme used in promo pics

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  • Enforcer Paint scheme used in promo pics

    I've just got my Deadzone starter box and trying to decide how to paint them.

    I really like the paint scheme used in all the Mantic promo photos of Warpath enforcers i.e. a very pale blue grey with a dark grey/black body suit. Does anyone know what paints were used to paint them like this? i.e. what paint range, what colours?

    Specifically, the photo of the peacekeepers (linked below) is what I'm aiming for if that helps.

    Another question: do you know if the heavy weapon support team in the shop was painted using the same colour scheme as the peacekeepers? It looks a little more blue, but I'm wondering if it's just because more of the model has been painted in the light blue-colour paint?

    Wearing armour that can stop a tank shell and carrying weaponry that can shred infantry and light vehicles, Peacekeepers are deployed where resistance is toughest.

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    I think the best way is to start with the Vallejo Grey primer. Use the Spraycan or a airbrush if you have one. That is pretty much the same tone. A friend of mine used that for his enforcers and worked from there. At first I though he used a white one but their grey primer is really that light.
    The rest is pretty much base Colors. His miniatures may not be the same quality as the studio ones, but the colorsheme is pretty close. unfortunately I can t show pictures of them since he is on hollidays right now but if i remember i will upload a picture and a list of his used colors when he's back. Though that will also be vallejo ones. But there are count as lists for the manufactorer of your choice.
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