Hi everyone,

This is some advance warning that these forums will be closing shortly. The last day will be the 17th December 2018. We have noticed over the past couple of years that traffic on the forum and regular users have both decreased. As a result we’ve taken the difficult decision to close the forums. We’ll still be able to answer rules questions via social media and we’ll produce articles on the Mantic Blog too.

Many thanks to all of you for your contributions and conversations on the pages here. Special thanks are extended to the moderators who have kept things ticking over for us in the background.

If there is any content you wish to keep, please download and save it before the final closing date.
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In praise of Mr PieChee

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  • In praise of Mr PieChee

    I had a chance to have a serious read of all the posts around the problems the game has today. This gamer has done an outstanding and detailed analysis of the problems the game has. Not only that he has come up with clever solutions and avenues to explore towards solutions. The response from Mantic, absolutely zero. I really am tempted to make a post asking Mantic if they have any interest in the game. If they don't reply to that I think it would be safe to assume no one from Mantic is even reading this forum.

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    For the most part I've just been collecting together other people's thoughts. It just annoys me when I see great potential wasted, so trying to do my part to fix it even if Mantic aren't doing a lot (anything). Also, forums are much better for organised discussion than Facebook!


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      Just to reply that the RC are reading these posts, as we are the discussions in the FB groups, which hopefully you will see when the errata is released .


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        I hope the rc has some plans, cause fb is a terrible way of getting suggestions and having a proper discussion, so with the forums shutting down I doubt warpath will move anywhere positive. Shame, since it had such potential.

        If mantic hinted that they cared in the slightest about the game it would help. I wouldn't be so negative if a) they had released the rules later since they had loads of time due to miniature delays and the rules clearly needed it, and b) they had released the FAQ two years ago and we were on version 2 or 3 by now.


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          Yep, the game is as dead as a door nail. Nice figures which can be used in other better rule sets. Some sort of minor tweak with some errata now is way too little too late.


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            Sadly, I fear, too true.