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  • [Warpath] Problems and Issues

    After reading a thread on Facebook it would seem that lots of people are finding issues with the rules and general balance. I'd like to start collecting these problems here, much like I've done with the FAQ. This will hopefully make it easy for everyone to contribute, and for the rules committee to make decisions on what to do! Also, failing that, it'll make it easy for players to sort out house rules!

    I'd like to keep this thread as just problems, with no discussion of solutions. As more people make mention of things I'll edit the head post and summarise the problems.

    Solutions to problems discussed can be posted here.

    [This is just an initial list, take them with a pinch of salt, I've pulled them mostly from what people have said on Facebook, in one line posts. Would be nice to see detailed posts below.]

    There are loads of broken/unbeatable lists: List building gives you too much flexibility, for instance building a defence 8 only Iron Ancestor list.

    Flyers are tough to deal with: Plague basically can't do anything against flyers, and no one can do anything against Enforcer Bombers.

    Orbital bombardment deletes many units round 1: Orbital commanders will always make their points back in tight deployment, and be very effective against horde armies.

    Tanks can ram an army of infantry to death: Theoretically a tank can run round in circles running down infantry all day long. (this is also in the FAQ)

    Mission balance seems poor, and often one side is tabled before VPs matter: Generally games don't last more than a few rounds, so primary and secondary objectives don't really matter. To add to this, most secondary objectives are either easy or impossible with no middle ground.

    Refresh makes deadly units even more deadly: refresh is only used on units with the greatest damage output and helps to delete units (contributing to making games short).

    Post away!
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        For me, there are three major problems with Warpath:

        - The core mechanics are solid, but the army rules are pretty poor. Some choices and points values make no sense, and there's some very obvious choices that mean some stuff will just never get a look in. In the games I have played, it just came down to who got to fire their uber unit first. Orbital Bombardment is a really lame mechanic as well. It sucks all the fun out of a game when your big units can be wrecked without any chance of a response, and that can be done every turn. I cannot understand why anyone thought that would be healthy for the game. All I can think is that it wasn't play tested thoroughly enough by genuinely competitive players who can see exactly how to break a game.

        - The missions don't matter at all. A lot of time is spent setting up the battlefield and all of the individual objective markers, only for it to come down to one side destroying the other and no one paying attention to the mission. I can't recall a single game in which the game lasted until the end of the mission to bother with objectives.

        - Mantic's support for the game has been absolutely woeful. Not a single event organised, no real FAQ or errata, no attempt to listen to player feedback and no attempt to breathe life into the game. It's like they delivered the minimum required by the Kickstarter and left it to rot. With a GW game, if I see a mechanic that isn't fun or breaks the game, I can have the expectation that it will be addressed. There is no expectation of that here.

        Absolute case and point is that this post has been up for three weeks and no one has even bothered to comment. A poorly balanced game with no support from the company is not going to lead to people being hyped to promote it. I went in hard on the Kickstarter and own two pretty big armies for this, but I have literally no desire to go out and recruit new players. Especially when there are many better games with actual support being made all the time.

        I am really disappointed by this whole thing because the models are great and the core mechanics are actually really good. Pretty embarrassing for Mantic that they've not bothered to respond to this as well.


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          I haven’t played straight Warpath but just Firefight (would like to play but we only have smaller collections at the moment) but it seems to me that Mantic’s main focus has been their Kings of War, Deadzone, and misc board games.

          Warpath has been more of a side project for them to this point. Through I expect that to be more due to how well those items have been doing. I think Warpath has the greatest risk from all of Mantic’s games since “the other game” is still going strong and its much harder to pull people from it. Plus the whole split between Warpath and Firefight has split up the player base and development even further.

          This is all just based on “my feel of things” through so I could be wrong. Haven’t even heard much from the ol’ rules committee peeps either. I do hope things do get settled through. I really dislike most other miniature games but enjoy the Warpath line so the more it can grow the better.