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[Warpath] Support Upgrades go on the tray or outside?

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  • [Warpath] Support Upgrades go on the tray or outside?

    Hi! Support Upgrades go on the tray or does the model follow the tray?

    I'm asking because I want to buy trays for my Asterians, so I have to know if I buy trays with 5 slots for the Marionettes, or 6 slots.

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    All the models need to be on the base, but you can pretty much do whatever you want - either replace one of the 5 with the support weapon, or add a 6th. As long as its clear its flexibly in what you choose.

    Lots of players don't use 5 models to start with - KoW has a flexible model count per base and that has been applied to warpath 'unofficially'. It pretty much only works with bases of 5 models, where players just use 4. Bases of three Cyphers or 2 large infantry look a bit funny if you cut the model count down!


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      I tend to agree that all support models should probably be on the tray. However, if you look at any of the battle reports where there has been an official from Mantic (Rob with Beasts Of War did forge fathers v enforcers, Rob was playing the enforceres) and the dog drone was off to the side, almost acting as a token or like how the warmachine crew in kings of war are used. They are a reminder that they are there, but you still measure from the main unit tray/base, for distances, not from the drone for example. This doesnt seem like an issue over all where 6 models can easily fit on the standard mantic tray, but when you get to the point where you have a marauder unit with say... 2 support beasts or say Plague 3rd gens with support beasts, then you have a problem as it is impossible to fit onto the standard tray, but you can fit them on a hexagon base for example, that is 45x45mm. You can fit 7 bases onto this one.

      I am writing up a big thing to show why some of the basing rules needs just a tiny amount of fixing in my opinion, or at least clarification in order to help new people coming into this game. Especially people who have never play a game where individuals are not removed but rather the entire team. It just needs more info.


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        To follow up on SkolbrosTabletop 's comment, I find adding the Support upgrades to a teambase also helps marking which team they are attached to, as this will come into play once casualties occur. Also, I think that in Warpath proper, with its team-based approach, you can easily play around with the model count like in Kings of War.

        It is important to note that this is not the case with Warpath Firefight, as the game is based on the individual models in the various units, and model count will also affect transport capacities as well. E.g. You couldn't transport a Pathfinder team with a D.O.G. in an Arbiter (transport: 5) in Firefight, as the D.O.G. means that the unit is 6 strong now, nor a 10strong unit of St3 Plague Ghouls with 2 beasts in a Mule (Transport:10) , due to being 12 models in total.

        Back to Warpath proper: Here's what I did with my custom team-bases, all of which are homemade in my case from thick cardboard and ferrous tape and magnets on the troops. I tend to decide by the size and bulk of the models on the team bases, in regards to how many of them will fit on a teambase. So with the bulky Marauders and Stage3 Ghouls, I use 3 Commandos /Ghouls together with 2 Mawbeasts / Hellhounds on one team-base, whereas with the slimmer Pathfinders, I found that the D.O.G. fits easily next to them. On a sidenote: having units of 2 teams consisting of 8 Commandos / Ghouls with 2 beast upgrades means I got my units ready-made for Firefight transport capacities.


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          Originally posted by Captn Morgrim View Post
          To follow up on SkolbrosTabletop 's comment, I find adding the Support upgrades to ......

          yes I am like 100% there with you. Personally I think it's best to just use the basic idea of 90x60 mm bases (or what ever shape you want)

          I use the 90x60s and I mount usually 5 guys per base. But like forgeguard and hammerfist drop teams.... 4.... And those are still crowded enough that I think 3 would be fine. I am doing 4 though because I have 32 of them.....

          for ghouls with dogs I will do like 1 dog and 4 troops probably. Maybe do customs 90x60s that have 6 spots.

          I just wish we could have a little bit of guidance.

          I think my main issue o have is with GCPS weapon teams. I am gonna post up thoughts on facebook and here tonight.

          when the game first came out I saw a lot of people saying you need to have each heavy weapon team have 5 minis on it. But now even in the few battle reports I am seeing, people are shying away from this. I personally think it needs to gave a little note on it like the asterian 3 man teams saying a heavy weapon team is 2 marines and a heavy gun. I think this would be the easiest solution.

          I think the biggest thing that could solve all of this is to bring in a chart like kow with mmc. We aren't dealing with enough figs per base to warrant a pmc.

          if we did this it would cover everything I think.

          want a team of brokkrs with a big laser (name is slipping me): normally 5 brokkrs normally so 5/2= 2.5+ 1 = 3.5 (maybe say that if it is a decimal point .50 Or less u can choose to round up or down. And at .51 or higher you round up? Then you would have 3 or 4 brokkrs and then the big laser is just 1 model because 1/2 is .5 so u can choose but wouldn't make sense to round down because u need at least 1 to represent it)

          want a team of ghouls/marauders with beast upgrade? 5 normally. 5/2 =2.5 + 1 = 3.5. In this case I round down and shove on 2 dogs. Or I could have 4 basic dudes and 1 dog.

          pathfinder with D.O.G. =( 5/2.5)+ 1 = 3.5. 4 path finders and a dog.

          notice this was looking at mmc.

          But the big thing is just getting rid of confusion so that we have no barriers to entry. Ambiguous rules = barrier. Especially for tournys


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            I just wanna say. I am not a tourney player. Buuuuut one way of growing a community is with prize support. I have watched the kings of war community go from two dudes (Holy Diver and me (look at holy diver YouTube channel ) to around 20 players at 1 store in about 5 months.