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Firefight: 1.093 pts of Starfall Commando starter list expanded to 2.000 pts

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  • Firefight: 1.093 pts of Starfall Commando starter list expanded to 2.000 pts

    With Starfall becoming a warzone in July, I initially started a thread to invite players active here to submit alternate armies for the Starfall Firefight campaign, in ca
    se you do not own a Veer-Myn starter force built from a Starter Army set for Warpath. For more so see here:

    With the Marauders not having a proper starter set for WP & FF yet, I decided to base a 1.093 pt list similar to those in the Starfall campaign set on the contents of the DZ Faction Starter & Booster sets. And then I realized that by expanding that list with an extra Marauder faction booster and a Mule formation I could get a 2.000 pt of Commandos army for a proper sized FF game.

    So here is my first attempt to turn the Marauder Faction Starter & Faction Booster sets into a cohesive whole for Starfall games:

    Starfall Marauder Commando Army:
    Marauder Commando Captain... 110

    Commando ranged support squad... 216
    6 Orc Commandos + 2 Mawbeasts, 1 x HMG, 1 x Sergeant

    Commando Assault Squad... 216
    6 Orc Commandos+ 2 Mawbeasts, 1 x Pyro, 1 x Sergeant

    5 Goblin Snipers... 120
    1 x Sergeant

    3 Ripper Raimakers... 215
    3 x Overkill Suit

    3 Ripper Mauler... 155
    2 x Assault Equipment

    Hulk ... 90

    Mortar Guntrack (HVA 1)... 85

    Pts Total 1.089 Command Dice: 6 HVA total: 1

    The force I created here is largely WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get), with the exception of 2 Mawbeasts Bombers serving as regular Mawbeasts and a regular Commando as a Commando Sergeant (I like to use the Commando with 2 rifles for that purpose). Unfortunately, the Marauder sets miss some extra pieces for - in my book - useful or necessary upgrades like more flamers and HMGs, but it is otherwise a solid starting point.
    Other options from the starter set:
    The Commando Captain could be exchanged for a Warlord at no additional cost, but what the later adds in melee capacity, he reduces your Command dice and your best command rating by 2. If there were more points available I would rather equip the Captain with Ripper claws and a HMG to give him some punch at range and up close. Remember that both have Protection (regular infantry), which means they are hard to kill at range and keep your units from being grounded.
    The 2 Commando units are smaller due to points constraints than I would have liked, but using 12 out of 15 models is a start, and both units could include a further equipment upgrade. The faction booster includes 2 options for Ripper claws, which could go onto the extra models. It is possible to drop the Mawbeasts from the HMG squad to include a Commando with Ripper Claws in the Assault Squad, and also equip the Assault squad's Sergeant with extra Ripper claws fromt the equipment list for extra punch in melee.
    The Rippers are solid, but low in number - 2 of each sort - if you play them WYSIWIG. You could try different set ups, given that the basic Ripper Suits in Firefight come with Missile Launchers and you can replace them with different loadouts - but in order to use them in Warpath or Deadzone games - where these options are not available - I'd stick with this set up.

    Expanding to 2.000 pts
    With the addition of a second Faction booster, a Mule formation and a Warlord, you can easily get 2.000 pts of the galaxy's finest guns-for-hire.

    Marauder Commando Captain... 110

    Marauder Warlord... 110

    Commando support squad... 253
    7 Orc Commandos + 2 Mawbeasts, 2 x HMG, 1 x Sergeant

    Commando Assault squad... 265
    7 Orc Commandos+ 2 Mawbeasts, 1 x Pyro, 1x Ripper Claw, 1 x Sergeant (w. Ripper Claw)

    5x Goblin Snipers.. 120
    1 x Sergeant

    5 Goblin Snipers... 120
    1 x Sergeant

    3 Ripper Raimakers... 215
    3 x Overkill Suit,

    2 Ripper Mauler... 155
    3 x Assault Equipment,

    1 x Hulk ... 90

    1 x Hulk ... 90

    1 x Mortar Guntrack... 85

    1 x Mortar Guntrack... 85

    3 x unarmed Mules (a.k.a. Marauder Bull transports) 100 x 3 = 300

    Pts Total 1.998 Command Dice: 8 HVA: 2

    The 2nd Faction booster gives us a significant boost , by expanding our available models to
    - 19 Commandos in total (also adding another HMG and Sergeant - and more claws!) - the army list above only uses 14 of them.
    - 3 more Snipers (which 'd give you a 2nd unit of Goblin Snipers!)
    - and increasing the number of Rippers in each unit to 3,
    - plus another Hulk and Guntrack.

    Since most Marauder units are quite capable in melee, we can also dd a couple of transports to get them where they are needed. For this purpose, we 'll look at the GCPS mules - either as unarmed vehicles to count as Marauder Bulls or as proper GCPS Mules. Both Commando squads were designed so that they could be joined by the Captain or the Warlord which provides them mutual benefits of Protection aboard a transport. The 3rd transport should obviously be reserved for the Ripper Maulers.

    - The Bulls are part of the Marauder list and are significantly cheaper, but unarmed, have a low Def of 6+. They have the advantage of taking orders from your Marauder commanders, which can proof decisive under the right circumstances.
    - The GCPS Mules, on the other hand, do count as part of the same army (as they do not count as allies in this list). They are better armoured (Def 7+ thus immune to all weapons with no AP!) and come equipped with an autocannon. A downside here however is that the human drivers won't take orders from Marauder Commanders, so I would consider to include a GCPS general as a liasion officer to command those cars. And while this fellow is not as inspiring as a Marauder Warlord, Protection (regular infantry) works the same and keeps the Commandos going.
    In this case, I 'd consider dropping a Bull to include 2 Mules for the Commando assault squad and the Ripper Maulers AND replace the Warlord with a GCPS General - which also leaves you with 60 pts for equipment upgrades - or boost your Commando support squad with additional troops
    For more ranged firepower, I 'd consider adding 2 Commandos to the ranged support squad and a HMG to the Commando Captain.
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