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(Firefight) Are THORGARIMS ok?

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  • (Firefight) Are THORGARIMS ok?

    Hello people! I love the concept of Thorgarims and would like to use it much more but....right now they are a bad deal!
    They are stormrage veterans who loses their autocannons to take pistols and forge the same cost of the normal veterans. The problem is that they become bad shooters (4+ short range 1dice ap 1) and aren't too good in assault too ( 4+ 1dice ap4). Ok, they are powerful, but not super accurate and they have few dice. Is relevant to remember that they have consagred their lives to improve their forge hammer skills!!

    Other cheaper (much cheaper) units are much more efficent in assault, like brokkrs (with at least 1 magma rifle....they have fire in the hole rule!). And for only 15 more point you can have Forge guards!! (Who are better in everything!! Much better!)

    Because all this stuff Thorgarims don't makes sense in an army list .
    But i love them!! I love the concept! I think that they need a fair power up to worth their cost.
    Maybe some rule like FIRE IN THE HOLE!, SHREDDER or even a (D3) BLAST. One of these rules for example would make justice to a live consagred to the forge hammer instead of heavy weapons shooting. They will be the face of the death in melee but only in melee.

    What do you think?
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    Yeah they just don't seem to be that good and lacking a significant rules change and/or price reduction they will only be a fluff unit. Also from an army synergy standpoint they don't really have role that is worth while. Forge guard and the orbital drop forge guard do a better job of pushing objectives and take up the same amount of space in a transport which the Thorgarims need due to their slow speed.


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      Fire in the hole! rule could be fine. Hammerfists or forge guards are strong and tough, but canīt prevent charge reactions. With this rule thorgarims would be slow but effective. They will cost their 185pts instead of the 85pts of the assault brokkrs (75+10 for a magma rifle upgrade to gain fire in the hole!), but they will be more powerful (ap4) and armored (def5+). Brokkrs have the double of assault dice but its ok for the ap value (ap1, they would have a different role). I Would use Thorgarims in that case, for sure.