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Armed and Dangerous: Do Mutant players buy one type of arm or two?

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  • Armed and Dangerous: Do Mutant players buy one type of arm or two?

    My question relates to how many arms a mutant player can/must buy.

    On page 164, under the rules for creating mutant players, the rules clearly state: Only one selection may be made for each body part except for Internal Upgrades

    That implies that one buys ONE arm (or a set of arms, at the cost of one arm).

    That said, on page 166, when it shows the example players, one player has both a Nameless arm and a Terraton arm, and another player has a Z'zor arm and a Teraton arm.

    This seems to imply that one can mix and match, purchasing two different arms.

    Would it be possible to get a clarification, please? My assumption is that the rules are correct, and the example is not, but I need to know for sure.

    Thank you,

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    Rules as written is, that you can only take one selection yes, so for arms you buy a pair.

    And I just take a look into the parts from the Mutants team, and there are not enough parts included to build all those combinations as the rules demand. For example only two left Nameless tentacle arms and only two right Z'zor arms. So you have to mix the arm parts for some selections.


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      Thanks. I have no problem mixing arms. For example, if I buy the tentacles, I can easily have one tentacle and one normal arm; my opponent should have no trouble telling the difference. It was just unclear if I was reading the rule correctly, as the rules contradicted the images, where one could have two different alien arms.