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    Mantic Games
    Two days ago we had several games with the Nameless and we had many questions regarding "Reach"
    1. A player with Reach can threat the entire enemy entry area without entering it, so it is no foul following the rules as written. Is that intended?
    2. When I slam with a player with reach on a distance of two hexes and the slam results in a Draw both players have to turn face to face. How is that done with one between them?
    3. When I slam with a player with reach on a distance of two hexes and the slam results in a win (does not matter which side wins), and the winning player want's to follow up... where to does he follow up? Rules as written say the vacated hex.

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    1. You can still slam him without testing for threathexes while closing in. So i would believe it is intended?
    2 and 3. I believe the reaching has to choose a adjacent Hex to his target as the origin of the slam. So that would be the "vacanted" Hex or the hex regardging facing.
    I don t have the book with me. so i can t check.


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      Daisuke Serizawa
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts :-)

      1. Yes that may be right, I can slam without evading. But what if I do not have a Guard or Jack. And of course if the Nameless player places both Guards at the entry area I have to evade every single hex and a slam would be with a two dice penalty :-\ I think that could not be intended.

      2. That may be right but no one wrote this explanation into the rules ;-)

      3. The rule for slam:
      "Slam Wins: The winning Player turns to face the losing Player. The losing Player is pushed into one of the 3 hexes directly away from the winning Player, chosen by the winning Coach, and turns to face the hex they just vacated. The winning Player may then move into the vacated hex if the Coach wishes, without needing to Evade. If so, they must again turn to face the losing Player. The Action ends."

      So according to the rules the vacated hex is the pushed players former position. If I use reach I can now do a two-hex-move to follow up.
      That feels strange to me.


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        All good points Schattenschwinge !

        1. I think this needs clarification, as written it is definitely not a foul. This could be fixed by replacing the 2nd paragraph of Stall with "If a Coach ends an Action with a Player within the opposing Coach’s Entry Area and or threatening the entry hex (even if the Player entered the area involuntarily or is prone), that Player is committing a Stall Foul." or adding the line "If a Coach ends an Action with a Player with Reach threatening the opposing entry hex, that Player is committing a Stall Foul." to Reach.

        2. I suspect that the Slammed Player should turn to face the hex chosen as the origin of the Slam. I would suggest that the Player with Reach should turn to put the Slammed Player in its front arc (rarely needing to turn) but would be happy for the rules committee to decide otherwise.

        3. I agree that it is a 2 hex follow up as written. I don't have a problem with that, Reach is a powerful ability. Errata confirming this would be helpful.


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          Thank you for your comments.

          1. I agree.
          2. That would be the best and easiest solution to solve that, turning towards the empty hex. Or in case of pushing one player and no follow up is made the empty vacated hex.
          3. Hmm, its just that it feels absolutely strange. And of cause a follow up move into the empty hex between is a valid option too :-)

          Mantic Games
          Some official words on this would be really hepful.