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Sulentic Shards...very OP

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  • Sulentic Shards...very OP

    I'm modifying this from the original post that was written with more anger than maybe necessary, but I do think these guys need to be considered for the first published errata.

    In our first game with the Shards, the simple version is that they killed or maimed everyone.

    We're both equally skilled players and no ridiculous mistakes were made.

    The simple truth was that on any of the Shards actions, they can easily be setup to regularly get 1-3 coaching dice per activation, therefore with 2 (+1 card and not counting free actions), these guys are growing a massive amount of coaching dice.

    On a slam, they're getting 8d6 with no effort other than being 'near' their other slammers.

    It was clearly too powerful.
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    The bit that's wrong there is 'regularly'. The bonus dice only apply when they've got friends very close, and with Move 4 and Speed and Agility 5+, getting a lot of them up the pitch is not easy. Any clever opponent would set up their team at least 4-5 hexes away from the Crystallan start line so that any initial slams wouldn't benefit from bonus dice (as no other players would be close enough yet to give the bonus), if they could even reach anyway.

    The dice can only be used in their own actions too, so they can't use them for defence and are therefore vulnerable to rear attacks.

    Crystallans also have the fewest scoring players of any team in the game with just 3 - target their Jacks first and they will struggle to get back into the game quick enough to win.

    Small pockets of Crystallans bunched together can block off a strike zone very effectively, but you can just go for the other ones instead. As Crystallans are a slow team they are more likely to go for the small scores so you don't need to worry about keeping up and overtaking them with 4 pointers.
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      Let me add some details that will help you understand:

      1) We played first, then analyzed. I get 'spirit of the game' and all, but it wasn't fun for either of us. It was clear there was a problem. More players died in that game than I've ever seen and it's simply because of the # of dice being rolled + explosions.

      2) 'Regularly' was not wrong. A 'clever' Shards player will always be getting 1 or more dice, with more often getting 2 or 3. As you said, Shards are slow, so, they're never too far away from each other. And a 3 hex bubble is easy to overlap as needed.

      3) You are correct about their agility vulnerability, but this isn't new - plenty of teams have 5+ agility. Getting behind them is difficult but manageable. I don't however see it as a 'unique weakness to counter balance the raw power of harmonics.'

      4) If you are only considering their recommended team and in one off games, you're correct, they only have 3 jacks. That also means they're spending most of the game using their guards to kill everything. Work with what you have.

      Without going into all the details and math that no one likes, here is the one obvious question that displays the problem.

      1) Knowing how much MC a coaching dice costs - how many coaching dice is this team going to generate with Harmonics per game (on average)?

      I'm assuming that coaching dice 'have a cost' because having too many of them would be over powering right?
      Don't forget they're also generating fan checks from all of these amazing rolls which means more dice/cards...

      If you're saying that despite getting this massive amount of extra MC for free coaching dice per game, that these guys are still at a disadvantage because scoring is difficult for them...

      Then we'll agree to disagree and I'll just move on with playing the other 20+ awesome teams you guys have put together.

      I'll modify my original post to be more cordial, but this is a problem
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        Thanks for the response - maybe my own wasn't as cordial as it could have been. Thanks for clarifying that this was following testing - it definitely gives the feedback more weight.

        I have playtested them, and I didn't find them as powerful as it seems you did, but of course I haven't playtested them against every other team so its possible there are some circumstances in which they are comparatively more powerful.

        I'll give them a few more games and see what happens.


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          Just playing a test game with them? Does the harmonics rule apply in your opponents rush

          We had 3 different interpretations in my gaming club

          Doesnt work at all because the player that is activated has not got the rule

          Is calculated based on proximity to the player initiative selected and held till they become relevant or the action ends.

          Calculated at the point the harmonics player takes an action slamback/catch/dodge

          It vastly effects there power level. However even with bonus dice calculated in both the shards still lost. Because while you can pulverise the opposition very effectively in offense. Its very difficult to do so and leave models defending. I agree killing the opposition is probably the best rout to victoy


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            Recent FAQ (which really needs to be published here) says:

            Crystallan Team - Harmonics
            Harmonics only applies when you ‘spend’ an Action on a Player, i.e. by using an Action Token or an Action Card. It does not apply to Dodges or any other reaction made to an opponent’s attack, or to Catches and their subsequent Free Actions. Harmonics does apply to Free Actions that follow an Action made using a Token or Card. For example, if a Crystallan Coach used a Token to make a run Action, and moved into a hex containing the ball, their bonus Harmonics dice could be used for the Pick Up. If they doubled the Pick Up, any remaining Harmonics dice could be used for the subsequent Run (for Dashes or Evades) and/or Throw.