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When to use command dice

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  • When to use command dice

    Relatively new to Deadzone so just a quick query on using command dice.

    When can they be used?

    For example, does the extra move, or extra fight have to be used on a model during it's activation? Or can I activate another model later in the turn and then play a command dice on an already activated model?

    I'm guessing the former but I just wanted to check.

    For example, in yesterday's game I had a model that was hit by a stun grenade, marking it as activated. Could I then have still played a move command on the model in order to move it one square?

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    The former for move. It depends on the die.

    For more info, see the table in the rulebook. There's "What" and "When" for each power die.

    I don't remember the page number, but it's early in the book.
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