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Plague movement

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  • Plague movement

    Hi all,
    I have a question about movement values for some Plague entries. Sorry if this was already discussed before, I checked the FaQ and the forum but could find nothing.

    In Warpath and Firefight, the stage 3A is a standard grunt which has a speed value of 5, the standard speed for infantry. On the other hand, the stage 2A is a fast hunter with a speed value of 7. That's logical and simple.

    In Deadzone, the stage 3A has a movement value of 2/3 while standard infantry has 1/2. The stage 2A has speed 1/2, which is a bit slow for a 'lightning quick and nimble hunter' (not my words).

    Is this difference normal ? Were movement values swapped between 3A and 2A ? Am I missing something ? If everything is ok in Deadzone, why was the continuity broken between two games within the same universe ?

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    I think it is a continuity problem. It's been stated a few times in various places that they are different games with different balance. I can't find you any sources though.

    I wouldn't call any movement value as "standard infantry" in Deadzone. space dwarfs are slow, space rats are fast. Most other units fall in somewhere between. It's all about balance with other stats.

    Haven't played a game of Firefight yet since I hate of idea of having to assemble and paint the 3A grunts. I almost never use them in Deadzone as troops, I prefer specialists. I never leave home without 2x HMG.