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    Hi all,
    I have a question about movement values for some Plague entries. Sorry if this was already discussed before, I checked the FaQ and the forum but could find nothing.

    In Warpath and Firefight, the stage 3A is a standard grunt which has a speed value of 5, the standard speed for infantry. On the other hand, the stage 2A is a fast hunter with a speed value of 7. That's logical and simple.

    In Deadzone, the stage 3A has a movement value of 2/3 while standard infantry has 1/2. The stage 2A has speed 1/2, which is a bit slow for a 'lightning quick and nimble hunter' (not my words).

    Is this difference normal ? Were movement values swapped between 3A and 2A ? Am I missing something ? If everything is ok in Deadzone, why was the continuity broken between two games within the same universe ?