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4 inch cubes vs 3 inch cubes

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  • 4 inch cubes vs 3 inch cubes

    Hi people,

    Can anyone see a reason from a rules perspective why moving from 3 inch cubes to 4 inch cubes would cause problems? The cardstock scenery I am making is 4 inch sections, and while I could print it at 75%, I'm probably going to be using that other companies minis for a while so they are a bit bigger already, and it will just work for more systems if i don't have to shrink it.

    Also, is the standard board size still 8 by 8 cubes in Outbreak? Think I may have read somewhere that it got bigger?


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    I see no problem with a full conversion to 4 inch cubes. Since the unit to measure distance is cubes, it should scale without any problem. And it's still 8x8.


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      I'd imagine you could make it bigger than 8x8 without a problem if you desire. Plenty of weapons reach out further than they need to and currently you only need a maximum range of 7 to reach the opposite end of the map. It would be very interesting to see how it changes play.


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        Has anyone tried this? Since you could have 8 models inside one cube, I don't think a 3" cube is big enough anyway. On top of that weapon teams are now on 60mm bases, so you're never going to get close to capacity... and a 40mm base is never going to fit in with a weapon team, even though you could have 4 of them in there!

        I'm contemplating making some DZ terrain since it seems so popular (the FB group is really active anyway), and 4" seems like a better idea, especially with my lanky hands!


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          You can have up to 4 size in a cube. Weapons team is size 3, so you can have 1x weapons team + 1x size 1 unit. But yeah, having 8x size 1 units is probaly never going to happen.

          I remember reading about rules for 2 mat games somewhere but can't find it right now. It would probably change the dynamics of the game since fast models could more easily escape the range of enemy weapons and pick up equipment crates or go to strategic locations. There's a video battle report at I didn't watch it, maybe they talk about the rules in that video.

          As for the square and terrain size, I think it could possibly change line of sight and the dynamics of the game. If you use the existing models and simply scale all terrain 33%, it would mean the terrain will be taller than the minis and small units would be in cover more often. The effects might double with 3D mini placement.


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            But, you wouldn't scale all terrain by 33%. You're making the cubes bigger, and still building for 28mm. I don't think the suggestion was making terrain for 36mm, but using 28mm.