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Marauder list versatility and the Rainmakers suit

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  • Marauder list versatility and the Rainmakers suit

    Hi! So I'm very new to deadzone and recently settled on Marauders. I chose them because they are a versatile army in that they have the ability to make lists that shoot and fight as well as being fairly survivable even though mobility is bleh. Is this accurate? For me it ended up coming down to Orcs or Asterians because several factions seem like they turn out fairly predictable lists that are one dimensional. What are your thoughts on this?

    What are people's experience with the Rainmaker? It received a nerf in Outbreak in the form of point cost which is something I am not use to from Kings of War. Are they still worth it? How many would you take?
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    The Rainmaker is - despite the pts and VP increase in Outbreak and the HEW beamer becoming heavy - still a solid choice for my 150 or more Pts lists, but you need to use one right.
    You have to remember that the more dedicated units in the Marauder lists, the Hulk (Anti-armour), the Mortar Guntrack (indirect), the Commando Specialist with HMG (suppression) and even the Goblin Sniper (Sniper Scope, AP1) do their repective jobs better, while the Rainmaker is a very good allrounder bringing something for every situation: HEW beamer as Anti-armour, rotary cannon for killing light armoured targets or pinning, frag launchers as auto-hit grenades and the Rocket salvo for Indirect once per game.
    The frag launchers as close quarter options and the Rainmaker's Solid ability give it a slight edge in some cases - canny opponents can pin Hulks (even tho' they have a harder time killing them) and get under cover to protect themselves from a Mortar Guntrack's Indirect. It does depend on your playstyle and what you want to achieve in your overall strategy. Both the Hulk and the Guntrack bring more reliable damage, the Ripper Rainmaker brings flexibility.

    Hope that helps.