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  • Number of Mercenary turns


    I have some questions about the number of Mercenary turns.
    First of all, some quotes about what bugs me ^^

    Page 4 :
    2. Mercenary Counters
    At the start of each game, each Mercenary
    should be assigned a Mercenary counter
    at random. This is placed next to their
    character card, and is flipped over once
    the Mercenary has taken their turn. No
    Mercenary may act while their counter is
    Once the last counter has been
    flipped over, they are all placed face-up again.

    Page 6 :
    How Many Turns?
    Unless stated otherwise in the mission briefing,
    as above, the Mercenaries take 4 complete turns
    during the Mercenary Phase. Most games are
    played with 4 Mercenaries, and so each will act
    However, it is possible to play the game with
    different numbers of Mercenary models,
    meaning that some may take multiple turns, or
    some may not take a turn at all within a round.

    Page 19 :
    Each time a Mercenary is crippled, the number of
    Mercenary turns per phase is reduced by 1 for the rest
    of the game, to a minimum of 2 turns per phase.

    As this is not clearly written, I interpret this : when I have only 1 Mercenary still alive during a classic 4 Mercenary mission at start, my Mercenary takes his turn, flips his Mercenary token face down, then flips it immediately face up and takes a second turn during the same Mercenary phase. Am I right ?
    If this is the case, this should have been written all in one place with a clear sentence about that.

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    None of this matters in the rules if you play with the right number of mercs but the basic idea is that the counters transfer activation information between game rounds in case the number of mercs and activations do not match. Each merc needs to get activated before you can start activating ones again with information transfering from previous rounds.
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      As I see it:

      If you have 3 Mercs in a "normal 4 turn game, then you give each merc his "normal" token and you keep 1 to use at your leisure every turn, i.e. placing the token on the mercenary of your choice to give him an extra activation.
      The token will then also be used if a Nexus card targets that symbol.

      So you have
      a) your full amount of activations and
      b) an added tactical choice, because the mercenary that was activated twice will be, if only slightly, more "attractive" as a target in the next Nexus turn.