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    So maybe I am doing something wrong from the rules, but have seen this happen in every game thus far. Is there a way to prevent this from happening without having to house ruling something? Looking at attached pic, the lead conga guy is a ranged model. As long as he has a target he does not move according to AI. He moved off the reinforcement point as per the rules. If the player chooses not to kill the lead guy and always give him a target, he effectively blocks all other reinforcements from coming on the board, as per the rules, models cannot move or shoot through through other models. As a solo player, I can trade the single attack from the leader to prevent a horde from moving onto the board. Also since there are so many models in reinforcements, there are limited models in the pool to put new models on the board as reinforcements. Any thoughts?

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    I encountered this question too, but eriochrome's reply reminded me that you can solve this problem rather easily, and according to the rules. There is a rule on pg 16 saying that minions should move so that they will no longer block another minion's line of sight or path towards a mercenary. It's the last of the 3 bullet points governing the A.I. Nexus' movement rules for minion:

    "If a minion is in a position where it is preventing
    another minion from seeing or reaching a
    Mercenary, it will move until it is no longer
    blocking the way, if possible."

    As stated on pg 16, this is another exception to the the normal rules of engagement in the box on pg 17, and hence supersedes it. So instead of forming a congaline, when you're required to activate them, you should move the Security Guards out of the way and thus into the room, leaving an open path for the miniatures behind them to approach the mercenaries.

    In another thread, I suggested that one can refine the A.I. minions a little with the following:

    1. Pack attack: If multiple minions are able to move next to the same enemy during the A.I. Nexus’ turn, the first should be moved to leave room for the later ones, if it has movement and room available to do so (thus ignoring the shortest possible open route).
    2. Sneak attack: A minion that moves towards a mercenary ends its movement if there is an enemy in ITS front arc (instead of moving into an enemy’s front arc) and engages it in a close assault action. This allows the occassional minion attacking from behind an enemy. If this colides with 1. above, 1. takes precedence.
    3. Take Cover: Minions that move for any reason stated in the Artificial Nexus section, will pick the shortest possible open route that provides the best cover for them at the end of the movement if several squares with adjacent squares providing cover or with blocking scenery are equidistant. That means Minions without ranged weapons that can’t reach an enemy this activation will prefer blocking scenery to being in the open and to cover, while minions with ranged weapons will prefer cover over being in the open and blocking scenery. Both would pick an empty alcove over being in the open (if equidistant to an enemy), and minions with ranged weapons and an enemy in range would then take a pot-shot.

    Hope that helps!