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  • What did you grab?

    So, backer kit closes today. What did you end up grabbing?
    I originally wanted to just grab the base pledge, but then added $15 more for a bunch of Nameless, but I ended up getting the Expansion Mega Bundle instead.

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    Base Pledge, Expansion Bundle, Merc Card pack, and the Project Pandora pack.


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      Just left it at the dollar pledge. I doubt this is a game I'm going to get into, and despite assurances to the contrary, I don't see evidence that they've learned much from the DS KS. I'll still follow the development with interest though.


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        Base Pledge, Expansion Bundle,


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          Looking at the pledge manager I went for the following. Hoping it is smoother than Dungeon Saga

          STAR SAGA CORE PLEDGE - Receive Star Saga: The Eiras Contract Core Box, the Star Saga Mission Creator Expansion, Star Saga Character Creator Expansion, Digital rulebook, Kickstarter Exclusive Blaine figure, KS Exclusive Signed Art Print, dice bag, and all applicable unlocked stretch goals.

          18 Nameless Minions
          2 Bonus Corporation Rangers
          2 Bonus Lab Techicians
          2 Bonus Plague Victims
          3 Bonus Corporation Marines
          3 Bonus Security Guards
          5 3rd Gens & hound
          5 Pathfinders & D.O.G. Drone
          5 Zombies
          Bonus Mission
          Dice Bag
          Digital Plague Aberration Scenario
          Digital Project Pandora Grim Cargo Rules
          Digital Rulebook
          Kickstarter Exclusive Blaine Figure
          Kickstarter Exclusive Character Cards
          Kickstarter Exclusive Hacker Halftail
          Kickstarter Exclusive Kira Nikolovski
          Kickstarter Exclusive Objective Marker
          Kickstarter Exclusive Signed Art Print
          Kickstarter Exclusive The Fear
          Kickstarter Exclusive The Survivor
          Nameless Monstrosity
          Plague Aberration
          Star Saga: Character Creator Expansion
          Star Saga: Mission Creator Expansion
          Star Saga: The Eiras Contract Core Game
          The Fear in the Darkness Card Deck
          The Fear in the Darkness Mission Book

          Deadzone Character Card Pack
          Scenery Booster Pack
          Expansion Mega Bundle