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how to use the grenades?

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  • how to use the grenades?

    I have been playing all out war for some time now but never used the grenades. Then I read people using sophia with a grenade, but.......

    After reading the core rules and the errata it is still unclear to me how the grenades really work.
    So I roll for location of blast first, say hopefully 6" away from me. With a rolled! the blast is on target. But let's say with 2 dice rolled I score 2 * and 1 !, the blast (doesn't move and) falls over any number of walkers, how do I deal damage? Do I roll twice? once for location and the second time for damage?
    Maybe someone can give me an example

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    The rules say that after you see if you are on target or not: "In either case, make sure you keep a note of the ranged attack score" and then goes on to say that every model in the blast compares its defense roll to this attack roll.

    My group has had some discussion about whether we should have a a house rule that has a separate hit roll and different damage rolls for every target but have decided it is not worth the bother (mainly because grenades are pretty rare in our games)