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All out War scenario from Made to Suffer

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  • All out War scenario from Made to Suffer

    What are peoples thoughts on this scenario?

    We played our first game of this on the weekend. We played 500 points on a 40” x 20” surface. I don’t think the layout was completely ideal since I was using the large store from Sarrisa which is 20”x20” by itself and really channelled the flow of the zombies coming on to the table.

    We hadn’t given to much thought to the mechanics of the game but both geared our forces to fighting survivors rather than zombies. This meant lots of guns and that combined with the 2 event cards a turn resulted in the threat level going up really quickly (and a lot of zombies going onto the table)

    Next time we will probably play with fewer guns (and silencer/suppressors on the main guns) and have some characters specifically to deal with the mayhem generated zombies. We might go back to 1 event card per turn but will try a few more games with 2

    I can't imagine going much more than 500 points I had 6 characters and my opponent had 10 and that is probably the most I would want to control in this game.

    The game was a lot of fun but didn't work quite the way I was expecting

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    Yeah maybe too much terrain as you already found out. I am working on a standard square metre board with 4different playmats. It gives many option to play on or close off. But I like your mall. Still on my list. Building the mantic prison now. Ton of fun. Happy hunting....


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      Interesting set up.

      Now wish I had bought the big supermarket at SELWG.

      I suspect you were pushing it at 500 points, that is a starting Walker count of 33!

      I think that is why Mantic are looking at a larger scale combat system (I suspect a mixture of TWD:AOW and Here's Negan! rules).


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        In the All out War scenario from the Made to Suffer expansion there are no Walkers at the start. You do, however, bring on a walker every time there is mayhem and draw 2 event cards every turn so the number of walkers catches up. This was the main reason for my question -- the scenario description implies that it is designed to be more survivor vs survivor than the scenario in the base game but that is not how it turned out for us (we have still only played the once).

        I would agree that 500 points is a lot but for our table size the scenario suggested 301 - 600 (and they suggest 1001+ for the largest games). I don't think I would play that size again (at least with the rules as they stand) but it was interesting having so much equipment so we might try a scenario with less points where you have to spend a certain minimum on equipment). I would also like to try a game without walkers just to see how the rules work as a basic skirmish game

        The big supermarket has featured in a lot of our games -- it is a bit too big for the size of table recommended for Walking Dead but we have fun with it. I am currently painting up the Sarrisa Motel for a game next month and I think that will work well.