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Crossbow & Equipment question

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  • Crossbow & Equipment question

    I've had this game for a while and I'm finally getting around to playing it. I just finished running through the five solo scenarios for "Days Gone By." I have all the expansions so I treated all of the equipment cards as available.

    The Crossbow seems to me to be the best item in the game. It's a bargain at 22 points, has a 20" range, has the Reliable keyword, and causes neither Noise nor Mayhem. I may try the scenarios again and "ban" the Crossbow because it sometimes felt like easy mode.

    Do any of you guys restrict available equipment to the core set and cards that came with the specific expansion you're playing?

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    I prefer bows over fire arms anytime, however I think the CB uses an extra action to reload. As for all the equipment, I like the amount of choice to customise the characters. Better have it and not need it then need it and not have it. But if you find something might not fit, just swap or leave it out as you please. This game is about having fun without the rocket science.