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what are mantic plans for walking dead

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  • what are mantic plans for walking dead

    So i was wondering what are plans from mantic for walking dead? Will we get something after wave 4 , more equipment etc? there is almost 200 comics

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    As I understand it from the rumors the next expansion will be the Hunters.
    After that will be a spinoffgame where you play one of Neegans Leutenants. Semi Coop. Only one can become Neegans right Hand man. This MIGHT also double as Savior Expansion.

    And end of the year/Beginning next year there will be Skirmish Rules where Zombies will take a step into the Background and there is more focus on Group vs Group like All out War in the Comics. A bit away from the scavenging right now.


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      Hello everybody,
      I did not talk to anyone official, but in my opinion Daisuke Serizawa is correct. I wondered about the future of the Walking Dead myself. A blog-post of Mantic Games seems to say something about that future. Read the last part:

      Also I stumbeled over an online Shop with interesting pictures. Just click through the shop, there are more:


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        Good spot Schnitzel, I forgot that post.

        So Wave Five is straight to retail Hunters storyline together with Abraham, Gabriel, Rosita and Eugene. To extend the game there is a map based campaign system.

        The top secret project they posted (?) Is a cooperative game though they did not say what storyline it will be based on.