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  • Tank model suggestions wanted

    Hi all,

    Im on the hunt for decent but cheap scenery for the game, I managed to pick up some great police cars totally to scale from a pound shop. I imagine I'll just make barricades.

    What I won't be able to throw together is the tank from Made to Suffer. Has anyone picked up something appropriate for it?

    Recommendations for tents, hay bales, tractors etc also appreciated.

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    Got my tractor from poundland


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      I will use tents from renedra . They have some sets with camp fire


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        I got totally lucky - some kid had left a toy tank on some hiking trail, and it's perfectly scaled for 28mm mayhem. Cheap shiny plastic that could use some weathering, but it looks great (ok, adequate. not yet great!) on the table top. Since then, my 2 year old son has busted the MG spindle, but it's still fairly battle ready!


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          I have a couple of the tanks from a set of plastic army men. The scale is not perfect but works good enough.


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            I did pick up the scenery booster this month and it's actually a fabulous set. Tents and campfire would be hardest to find I feel. So I'll check out your recommendation.


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              empress miniatures have some nice looking modern tank in 1/50 scale and i think that they would work perfect .


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                Butler's Printed Models in the UK has some nice Post WWII models available for a reasonable price. Their M60 models would be the most accurate for what you want.


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                  Butler's looks a good shout. Not too pricey either although I didn't check the postage.

                  I played my full game with cars, barricades etc and it looked great. Cardboard tank was ok but now I'm spoiled.
                  How are we doing with tents etc? And any recommendations on woods?


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                    My first post, so not quite sure about the rules on links and photographs of other companies' products (my assumption is no competition... If I am wrong, apologies).

                    Renedra do injection moulded tents that will work with TWD figures.

                    The skin colour has been improved...
                    Crooked Dice and Ainsty do different versions of dome tents.

                    The Empress 1/50 scale vehicles look great, I do not have a M2/M3 Bradley IFV, but I do have an FV-510 Warrior which should be a similar size.

                    The cardboard "tank" scales out as about 1/35,

                    For trees, have a look at model railway products.
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                      I did read an article that showed some O gauge railway farm stuff that suited well for hay bales and similar.
                      Here is the link:

                      For the tank, I can't remember what was the tank type in the comic? I seem to remember it was a WW2 Russian model in the TV Series (a T76 or something? I guess whatever they could use for filming, although it wouldn't make much sense them having one unless it had been taken from a museum or something).

                      For the early scenes in Atlanta, if you really wanted to go to town you could get a 1/48 scale Tamiya kit of an M1 Abrams (which I believe is the tank that features in both the comic and TV series)


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                        The Internet Car Movie database says it is a Vickers-Armstrong FV 4201 Chieftain in dress up (numerous other online sources agree).

                        The tank at the prison was an M60A1 (as opposed to the Bradley in the comic and AOW).


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                          Turns out my flgs sells Renedra! Bought the tents and some fences.


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                            Can you post som of pictures of tents next to some WD figures?


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                              Will do, just waiting for undercoat to dry.