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Tank model suggestions wanted

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  • Tank model suggestions wanted

    Hi all,

    Im on the hunt for decent but cheap scenery for the game, I managed to pick up some great police cars totally to scale from a pound shop. I imagine I'll just make barricades.

    What I won't be able to throw together is the tank from Made to Suffer. Has anyone picked up something appropriate for it?

    Recommendations for tents, hay bales, tractors etc also appreciated.

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    Got my tractor from poundland


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      I will use tents from renedra . They have some sets with camp fire


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        I got totally lucky - some kid had left a toy tank on some hiking trail, and it's perfectly scaled for 28mm mayhem. Cheap shiny plastic that could use some weathering, but it looks great (ok, adequate. not yet great!) on the table top. Since then, my 2 year old son has busted the MG spindle, but it's still fairly battle ready!


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          I have a couple of the tanks from a set of plastic army men. The scale is not perfect but works good enough.


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            I did pick up the scenery booster this month and it's actually a fabulous set. Tents and campfire would be hardest to find I feel. So I'll check out your recommendation.