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Negan is out for me

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  • Negan is out for me

    I see and hear people say Negan this and Negan that. Like he is the bomb in making everything bleed and cry what stands in his way. I think Negan is too much of a hype to be "the one caracter to have".
    Personally I prefer Harold Abernathy with...a katana. He is brutal and deadly. And the other day he killed Negan....twice.

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    Negan with Lucille is top of the pile. There are arguments for Michonne with Katana, Shiva with Ezekial and I agree entirely about Harold. Two white dice basic is so good. I used him with a tyre iron. I tend to find Negan is too expensive and end up subbing him out eventually.
    For the purpose of sharing information Tyrese has always got the better of Shiva in my experience.


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      Having used Negan in a game yesterday he did lose to prison Rick in melee. Although with gear their cost was similar.
      The difference now is more are at Negan!s level where in the past he was head and shoulders above
      I'm sure once the Saviours arrive he will be that bit better.