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Need help with tournament list

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  • Need help with tournament list

    Hi guys,

    Let's talk competitive:

    *Tyreese (katana, leather jacket)
    --> is white, white, blue better than 3 white with a reroll? (Same points) role: kill enemies
    *Glen prison guard (riot gear, riot helmet, riot baton)
    Role: survive everything
    *Sandra hardened veteran (first aid kit, gory clothing)
    Role: run and take supplies
    *Billy and Ben (grenade, keepsake, gory clothing)
    Role: run behind enemy and throw grenade (with keepsake) to draw all the walkers into them.

    What do you think?

    ​​​​250 points (no michonne, abraham, negan)

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    Is it "Pro Football player" Tyreese, you are using ?

    If so and he is your leader, I would give him a hammer for the ekstra red dice


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      You're right. Thanks

      I made another list for my brother but I decided to not allow him to play it. It's way too over the top ..

      ​​​​​​-Andrea prison sniper: m4 carabie, sniper scope, silencer
      -billy greene: crossbow, ap ammo
      -carlos hardened veteran: m16 assault rifle, silencer

      Never play this list, you'll lose friends with this


      • #4
        3 characters with expert shot (deduct one cover die)
        2 assault rifles
        No mayhem...