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Anybody else want to see a new expanded Supply deck?

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  • Anybody else want to see a new expanded Supply deck?

    Anybody else want to see a new expanded Supply deck?
    The equipment deck got an expansion to buy and i'd like to see an expanded Supply deck too.
    I'd like to see such things as food,water, general medicines and oil included. This would help with in-depth campaigns.
    How about some living farm animals too?
    They would be a great resource and obviously need protection from walkers and thieves.[/URL]
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    Oooo! Great idea, I'd love to see this, perhaps bundled with scenarios and a guide for a campaign?


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      I think it would be nice to see a few more powerful items in the supply deck (and a few more trap-like cards). In my mind the supply tokens themselves represent the long term resources (food, water etc) but I wouldn't mind terribly if there were cards for them -- I could always remove them if didn't want them


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        I'd been in for a new and expanded supply deck. I'd also like to see themed supply decks so that equipment/supplies can be tied to a scenario and not just mishmashed. I would also like to have points added to the supplies so that they could be equipment, bought and sold, etc. for use in a campaign style.


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          You could always slip a few of the equipment cards into the supply deck if playing certain scenarios (Looting an armoury? add more guns) etc

          Sure, they have diffrent backs and you will know the next item to be picked is something good. tense!


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            You can also use card sleeves to hide the backs of cards -- useful if you want to make your own cards as well