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  • 250 Points Tournament List

    I started to think about a 250 point list for upcoming tournaments, and want to ask you what do you think about.

    ++ Survivors (Rick's Group) [185Points] ++

    + Support +

    Donna [33Points]: Gory Clothing, Radio

    + Marksman +

    Carl Grimes, Trainee Sharpshooter [56Points]: Ammo Reload, Crossbow, Radio

    + Bruiser +

    Allen [28Points]: Metal Pipe

    Tyreese [68Points]: Leader, Riot Baton

    ++ Survivors (Neutral) [64Points] ++

    + Runner +

    Sandra, Hardened Veteran [32Points]

    + Bruiser +

    Patrick, Hardened Veteran [32Points]: Metal Pipe

    ++ Total: [249Points] ++

    Created with BattleScribe

    Tyresse is the leader and he goes straight to the enemy's together with Patrick and Allen.

    His leader ability gives every Bruiser 1 red in melee and defense.

    So Allen had at least 1 white and 1 red in melee and 3 red for defense.

    And Patrick had 1 white and 2 red in melee and also 3 red in Defence.

    This team of 3 goes straight forward and smash the enemy's away.

    In that time Sandra uses her Runner ability to jump over obstacles and move fast to claim supplies.

    Carl protect her with the Crossbow with no MAYHEM or NOISE, the crossbow gives him 2 red for at least 1 white and 2 red to shoot.

    At least there is Donna with the Radio to give Carl an extra action. So if he runs out of Ammo he can use 2 Actions to reload and one for shooting in the same turn.

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    I'm not opposed to five characters in 250 led by the Tyrese squad. My only comment would be if Yu would get mileage out of Sophia as your runner, she's cheap as chips meaning more gear on Tyrese for example.


    • #3
      Can I ask why you not opossed to use 5 characters?
      Taking sandra out and bring sophia sounds good, so tyresse can use the claw hammer and a bit of armor. M


      • #4
        Ive only one tournament under my belt but five characters just gives you so many more orders. Although I believe someone with three characters won the event.

        Cheap runner who's not expected to fight and has a bodyguard makes Sophia a great choice.


        • #5
          Okay i think i will put one bruiser out of the list. Sophia with carl as her bodyguard looks good for me, but I don't know if its useful to have a supporter in the team


          • #6
            Does your list change now Ezekial etc are here?


            • #7
              My idea is to create a list with underdog character, because I think a lot of people will play rick, Glenn, negan and Ezekiel


              • #8
                Negan is banned so probably Tyrese instead.


                • #9
                  Negan might get debanned with the coming of powerhouses like ezekiel & shiva and Tyrese


                  • #10
                    I hope they all do, especially as Negan is a booster.