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Booby trap incident

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  • Booby trap incident

    Hi all, just played out our first game. Amazing fun and we encountered plenty of drama. Poor Ol' Reggie grabbed the first supply counter of the game from a car and flipped the booby trap from the supply deck. So naturally we rolled the red and white dice and scored Headshots! with both. Reggie didn't gain any successes in defence. We weren't exactly sure if we played it out correctly but gave the two additional points of damage from Headshots! and that was the end for Reggie... one would have been enough. Didn't expect him to take his Special Rules quote so literally...

    Also so we wanted to check if we hadn't of rolled Headshots could Reggie's player have moved the template? Again we figured that to be the case but keen for thoughts from others who have played more games.


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    You can only ever allocate one headshot to a single model from a blast. Even if you roll two, only one can be allocated per affected models. As for if you didn't roll the exclamation marks, yes, your opponent could've moved the blast template with no headshot rolls. This could be rationalized that a grenade rolled out and away from the trap or such. Some rules we just learn as we play. Most of us have limited time to game, so if you miss a rule or two, it's just part of the learning process. As long as you endeavor to play the game fairly and friendly, most of the rest will fall into place. Enjoy!


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      Actually, the FAQ states that a booby trap never moves. So, basically, you're taking the hit with no recourse. Sorry, lol


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        Good old Booby Trap. Sophia found one turn one of tournament today, she evaded it and it killed all the zombies around her. Clever Sophia.