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Adding Martians to TWD ?

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  • Adding Martians to TWD ?

    I wonder what the stats would be for adding a Martian attack in the walking dead... i mean aliens could have caused the outbreak ? ? ?

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    If you have both games then you could very much make a mash up. I can't remember off hand if the character creation is in the Days Gone By expansion but they are your friend.
    The scenery makes a great cross over and if you have the vehicles then the always count as running and the robot moving causes mayhem. Start there and adapt away.


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      I seriously doubt an official release of rules for Mars Attacks Martians, but I would love to see rules for this. I think the models are great and compliments all the games that they have been part of. For Walking dead perhaps the Martians could be used in conjunction with zombies and controlled by A.I. Shooting at closest survivors In range? The humans can easily be made into survivors with the character creation too