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Dannyís Sales - Dreadball/Deadzone/Warpath GW etc

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  • Dannyís Sales - Dreadball/Deadzone/Warpath GW etc

    Hey guys,

    An updated list of all my for sale stuff.
    Make me offers on it if youíre interested in something.
    Photos on request. Iíll remove as its sold..
    Thanks for looking!

    ~ MVPs £4 each - Yurik Yurikson, Reek Rolat, Nameless, Nightshade, Mzei Klein, Lyra the Fixer, Kailasa, Crypt, Deadman Davitz, Brickbat Vognar, Galdo, Lucky Logan, Asylum, Brute Force, AnneMarie Helder, The Enforcer, Slippery Joe, Mee-Kel Judwan.
    ~ Coaches £4 each - Zarathustra Kain, Kraato Gon, Rathmar Ul-iheq, Shojun, Blaine, Kingpin Guy, Ardia.
    ~Giants £7 each: Sann-gar, Iron Ancestor, Chovar, Krastavor.
    ~ Free Agents pack x2 (No Zees)
    ~ 3 Marauder Guard, 6 Goblins
    ~10 Judwan + prone
    ~2 Asterians
    ~2 Forge Father (2G)
    ~11 Kalyshi
    ~8 Convicts
    ~10 Mechanite multi part team
    ~10 Plague Mutant Bodies (w/parts)
    ~2-4 Season books. Xtreme books - mint
    ~Xtreme Customisable Pitch (Cardboard tile set)

    Dead zone/Warpath:
    Veermyn Tunnelers
    Veermyn Tunnel Runners
    Weapon Options from Forge Father Sturnhammer
    7 Plague Stage 3ís (Resin)
    5 Kalyshi
    Asterism Heavy Weapons Platform Set
    Blaine on Jetbike
    Adrienne Nikovolski
    Chief Mauhalakh
    Teraton Shock Trooper
    Blaine on foot
    The Survivor
    Project Oberon
    Grogan with Desolator
    Alternate sculpt Teraton Shock Trooper
    Alternate sculpt The Survivor

    Kings Of War:
    Necromancer with dog on chain
    Orc Shaman Display Set

    GW stuff:
    Metal Moria Bat Swarms
    Cave Troll (Metal)
    Wild Warg Captain, Goblin Drummers, 4 Goblin Captains.
    Plastic Orcs and Men of Minas Tirith from RotK set

    Metal Orc Shaman on Foot + Mounted
    5 goblin fanatics (3 metal, 2 plastic)
    10 Spider Riders (Sprue)
    9 Bretonnian Metal Grail Knights
    10 Bloodletters (Sprue)
    5 Empire Knights inc. musician (built)
    5 Empire Knights inc. musician (built)
    Dwarfs from Skull Pass x3/4 (Painted to various standards. Pics on request).

    Space Marine Rhino (On Sprue)
    Land Speeder
    1 Tau Devilfish (Sprue)
    3 Stealthsuits (Sprue)
    12 Kroot (Sprue)
    Also 24 Fire Warriors w/carbines & 24 w/rifles - built/sprayed
    IG barricade Sprues x2

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    Have sent you pm Danny :0)
    Converting, painting and gaming blog: