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Attention: Looking for stolen goods from Germany

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  • Attention: Looking for stolen goods from Germany


    Im writing this here as I have the minimal hope that I can catch the person who robbed me.

    Under the roof of the appartmentblock ʹm living in, I own a storageplace where I put about everything I have collected the last 21 years.

    Due to work I had no hobby time for a few months, so I didnt check on that storageroom as there were 3 locked doors to get to it from outside the house.

    Yesterday evening, I decided to finally start with a small Sommerproject on TableTopWelt. So I went up to get my DreadBall miniatures.

    At first I thought that I went to the wrong storagerroom because it was empty. After a few seconds I realised that my storagerrom was empty, besides a broken, empty cardbox.

    Around 20 boxes (30-100l volume), 8 standard and a large miniaturesuitcase were missing, as was the lock I used for the room.

    My emotion went haywire as I experienced a mixture of feelings and I was shocked, something I havent experienced for years having seen enough stuff as a medic and in hospital.

    After the police checked by, I called my insurance, which left me stunned as they wont cover anything as there are no traces of used force.

    This is what bothered my so far today.

    Why do I write this?

    Due to the smallest hope that someone might have bought something from the list below way underpriced:

    Points are WHF 8th, 40k 7th

    - 8 GW miniaturecases
    - ~4000 points Lizardmen, models from 5./6. Edition, lots of salamanders (8)
    - ~4000 points Khemri, models from 6./7. Edition, infantryunits with shields all hold the same shieldmotive
    - ~7000 points Daemons/Warriors of Chaos, models from 4.-7. Edition, mainly Khorne
    - ~12000 points Empire, models from 5.-6. Edition, Perryinfantry, lots of characters/Dogs of War
    - ~4000 points Woodelves, models from 5./6. Edition, many Glade Riders
    - ~6000 points Space Marines, from 2.-5. Edition, many transporters (6 Rhinos, 5 Razorbacks), mainly Infantrie
    - ~2000+ points Chaos Space Marines
    - DreadBall Season 1-4 complete and more
    - ~2500 points Undead, KoW
    - ~2000 points Elves, KoW

    and many more.

    Should a hint from you lead to the arrest and compensation for damages of the responsible person, youll receive a good percentage of it.

    But please no witchhunt for people who sell at a low price!

    On the plusside I have an entire storagerrom to fill again. (cynism)
    Realistically the thieves thought there would be expensive tools in the miniaturecases and threw away everything when they only found toys.
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    That royally sucks mate. I wonder if they bothered to look in the cases before carting them off.
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      Can you post pictures of your miniatures so we might recognize them if they show up somewhere?


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        Originally posted by Carcearion View Post
        Can you post pictures of your miniatures so we might recognize them if they show up somewhere?
        Sadly I only made some pictures of the stuff I wanted to clear out sometime.

        Here is the link to these pictures:


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          Have you shared this on any of the forums or FB groups? Happy to post a link
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