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Have: Warpath / Deadzone, Dreadball, Malifaux, Dropfleet Commander Want: £££

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  • Have: Warpath / Deadzone, Dreadball, Malifaux, Dropfleet Commander Want: £££

    Okay, so all have sold (apart from the Vermyn dreadball players, but that's cool), so this is effectively closed. I have other things I want to sell, but probably not on a Mantic sales and trade page! Thanks to everyone who enquired, bought, or helped clarify my errors!

    Okay - due to a number of personal changes, I'm selling some stuff off - some have been listed here in a previous thread, but the new list doesn't reflect the old title anymore!

    So, I have:

    Deadzone / Warpath
    Peacekeepers Set - 13 Peacekeepers - 8 built, including 2 plastic (restic?) Captains and one Metal. Some models part painted, some primed. Plus 5 Peacekeepers on sprues. All with bases -
    Link - £16.50 - SOLD
    Deadzone Supplements - Includes Deadzone V1 book, Incursion, Nexus Psi and Contagion - SOLD

    Dreadball / Xtreme
    Veer-myn team figures - 7 plus one spare body. Undercoated, one has broken tail.
    Linky £5.00

    Dropfleet Commander

    Large UCM fleet - Battleship, 3 Heavy Cruisers, 2 Cruisers, 2 light cruisers, 16 Frigates, Launch Assets, rulebook, tokens, maps. In fact, everything you need to get started. For more complete details and pictures follow this
    Link - £125 inc shipping. - SOLD

    Large Scourge fleet - Basilisk Battle Cruiser (Kickstarter Exclusive - some very light damage - see pics),
    Raiju Heavy Cruiser, Shenlong Heavy Cruiser, 2 Wyvern Cruisers, 2 Hydra Fleet Carriers, 2Chimera Troopships, Yokai Light Cruiser, 4 Gargolye Frigates, 4 Harpy Frigates, 4 Djinn, 4 Charybdis plus 12 Unbuilt Cruisers still on Sprues. Also including the Rulebook (used, but good condition), maps, tokens etc. - SOLD

    All shipping costs are for the UK. International buyers, please message me and I'll get a price for shipping. Prices here are less than £bay for obvious reasons!

    Thanks for looking!
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    Have PM'ed. Intrested if still available.


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      The WHFB rulebook still available?