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warpath,kings of war and misc mantic sale

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  • warpath,kings of war and misc mantic sale


    Having a clear out currently and the painting backlog is too much! As a result some stuff will be sold off. Everything is on sprue unless stated otherwise

    I am not looking to split any of the bundles. Prices include UK shipping. If you live outside the UK there will be an additional fee to cover postage.

    All payments to be made via PayPal,post in the thread what you want and I will pm you my details. I will try and keep this thread updated and have pictures available on request.

    Deadzone special characters in metal 12.50

    Enforcer bundle x2 65 each
    lt roca
    Ajax upgrade
    heavy weapon upgrade
    enforcer framex4
    peacekeeper frame x1
    pathfinder frame x2
    jetbike frame x2

    Veermyn bundle x2 65 each
    hacker halftail
    Creepers upgrade x1
    progenitors x2
    Night terrors x1
    Rumblr weapons platform x1
    nightcrawler sprue x9
    nightmare sprue x2

    Plague bundle 65
    subject 901
    1st gen x1
    2nd gen bag x2
    terraton x1
    Zombies sprue x4
    3rd generation sprue x 8

    enforcer flyer x1 15 each

    Asterian weapon platforms 2 for 8

    10 gcps marines old style 5
    5x forefathers old style 5
    Marauder heavy team (two models and some sort of shoulder mounted gun) 3.50
    Dwarf weapons team x2 3.50
    2x Dreadball extreme scenery bags with boxes crates and cameras 8

    Happy shopping!
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    I have added even more warpath stuff and increased the discount on lots of things because my model backlog is just out of hand now
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      Hi Bison
      Are the goblins still up for grabs?
      interested in the 18 grab bag


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        they are indeed!
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          potentially interest in the striders... any guess how much postage would be to germany?
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            Postage to Germany would be about 3 extra I would say

            Goblins have been sold.

            Still plenty more things for sale!
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              Bison still unwilling to split up the bundles?

              Would be interested in:
              Forge Father Militia (the old fantasy mixed with scifi models)
              Ajax upgrade
              Strider x 3

              Best regards.

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                Bloodbeard I still do not want to split the bundles.

                It is easier for me logistically that way.
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                  I have reduced the price on the bundles. Looking to clear this stuff out
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                    I'm interested in one of the veermyn bundles (pending spousal approval). Could you give me an idea of postage to Australia?


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                      postage to aus would be 20 via royal mail
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                        Originally posted by Bison View Post
                        postage to aus would be 20 via royal mail
                        Thanks, I'll have to get back to you on that though, so dont hold them on my account.


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                          more things have been sold and posted today
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