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New Magic Item Idea: Ukelele of Anti-Racism

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  • New Magic Item Idea: Ukelele of Anti-Racism

    Matharu and @Deadle will know where this came from...

    "The unit has a ranged attack with a range of 18". Roll a single dice to hit, needing 4+ to hit regardless of modifiers. If a hit is scored the target unit loses its army special rule during its next turn."

    i.e. Orcs and Salamanders lose CS(1), Abyssal Dwarves lose Vicious, Elves lose Elite, Forces of Nature and the Herd lose Pathfinder etc.

    I know it is most likely a no go because of the difference in benefit of effect on different armies (e.g. Varangur's is already included in profiles and it would actively help Goblins) but it would lead to some rather interesting outcomes!
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    Would it be a blue or a green Ukulele?

    Interesting idea though, I like it! Maybe have it so you can pick a special rule for the target unit to lose? More effective and flexible then


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      PC gone mad.


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        Doesn't this sort of thing belong in the Abyss?
        "Slow and shambling wins the race!"


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          I'm pretty certain we came up with some better names for it than this. Although most of those we'rent very family friendly....
          Elliot M

          "There you go again, cheating by using the rules correctly!"