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  • #BeerMaw

    Model a Week Challenge details!
    Short version: Paint a new model every week for a year.

    Long version: Starting July 1st, I challenge YOU to paint a new model every week. Take a picture of the model before and after you paint it. Post it here, or on twitter using the hash tag #BeerMaW
    If you do this every week, until June 30th 2018, you'll have 52 painted models. Since people take vacations and breaks, you can claim a moral victory if you have 50 painted models.
    The intent here is to paint models that would otherwise sit unpainted on shelves or in boxes, but I'm sure we'll all sneak in models from armies we're working on. For some examples:
    That one character from the Kickstarter game you picked up four years ago, played twice, and then set aside? Paint it.
    That model you bought for scale to see if it would fit the rest of an army but didn't? Paint it.
    That used model you bought off eBay that looked like it got dipped in house paint? Paint it.
    That model you bought because you brought the missus the the hobby store and she thought it looked cute? Paint it.
    That model you're maybe going to use in an army next year and want to try out a paint scheme? Paint it.
    That horde of Blight you're going to paint because Lady of the Lake is in two weeks and you HAVE TO HAVE IT DONE? Paint it! (But you only get credit for one)
    That model they threw in as a Kickstarter stretch goal and you didn't really need it but hey, free model? Paint it.
    That Confrontation Titan Dragon that you've had for a decade and want to paint but it's super intimdating and large and I really don't think I'm good enough to do it justice? Paint it! (but you might want to paint something else that week too, just in case)
    They don't have to be display quality. They don't have to be award winning. They just have to be painted.
    Obviously, we can't check if you're cheating and showing stuff you'd already painted. Really, who wants to lie about something like that just to impress people on the internet? It's not like there's a prize or anything.
    Any questions/comments? Head out to and join the fun.

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