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  • Giant Dwarf podcast & youtube channel

    Ok fine, here is the info.

    Podbean (also in iTunes and on Android apps)

    Lars & Fred talk about various Kings of War topics. Semi-regular releases either of audio or video.
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    Our latest release is a "play examples" video on our Youtube channel.

    Back when I was a referee, I sometimes took photos of rules calls I made during tournaments, and posted them all out on the forums for people too see how those sitiuations were refereed at that event. Players really seemed to appreciate the transparancy this created, and some times the Refs even had to admit they had made a wrong call. But everyone could see in either case.
    If you have communities that play any of these examples very differently, why not post about it, and maybe we could ask the RC to pitch in, and then over time we might have all the large communities playing in the same way, avoiding rules arguments across language barriers and countries when we visit each other.


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      Episode 005 is out on our podbean/iTunes


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        MAP PACK!

        Click here for Oh FourFootSnake... A KoW Podcast by myself, Jon, Nick and Matt.

        Click here for the free KoW (V2) Rules, FAQ's and Errata.