Hi everyone,

This is some advance warning that these forums will be closing shortly. The last day will be the 17th December 2018. We have noticed over the past couple of years that traffic on the forum and regular users have both decreased. As a result we’ve taken the difficult decision to close the forums. We’ll still be able to answer rules questions via social media and we’ll produce articles on the Mantic Blog too.

Many thanks to all of you for your contributions and conversations on the pages here. Special thanks are extended to the moderators who have kept things ticking over for us in the background.

If there is any content you wish to keep, please download and save it before the final closing date.
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  • Forum closing downloads

    So is there a way to download content from here without copying and pasting from each individual thread?
    Mantic Pathfinder for SW Ohio (Dayton)
    Because it is all fun and games . . .

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    And is there an option of a read-only archive?


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      So just spent most of the day copy/pasting my old blog entries on here to my current blog. Interesting going back and reading stuff from 2013 and 2014 again (back when 8 people was the largest Kings of War tournament in the US). Disappointed at old broken links and missing pictures (especially those that were posted on Facebook).

      69 entries copies over (34 had been done previously). At least now (finally) all my hobby blog posts are in one place (these tipped it to over 600!)
      Mantic Pathfinder for SW Ohio (Dayton)
      Because it is all fun and games . . .


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        Haha, doing the same! Will take some time to be completed, though!


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          Here's how to download a copy of this website with a single linux command:

          wget --no-clobber --convert-links --random-wait -r -p -E -e robots=off -U mozilla

          See explanation at

          I'm making a copy at the moment. It'll take some time, probably atleast an hour. It most certainly won't catch everything, but it seems it is able to copy every public message posted to any subforum. I'm not sure if it's legal for me to share my copy with you, or if everyone needs to make their own copy.


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            Perhaps we are allowed to post a link to it on facebook ?


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              I can't think of any legal or ethical reason not to share this:

              Follow the link and press Download. The Zip file is a copy of everything posted on the site before my original post. I hope it works well but I don't guarantee anything. I'll keep it online until the forum closes.If anyone sees a reason to take it offline earlier just reply to this thread.