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Running an RPG campaign in Mantica

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  • Running an RPG campaign in Mantica

    Not sure where to post this.

    I don't mean a Mantic RPG system (that would be great though), but rather running a RPG (the rules you like) with Mantica as the setting.

    The background is that I've been wargaming for many years, but I'm rather new to RPGs. I've reached the stage where I'm comfortable giving our DM a break from running things by trying my hand at it.

    I'm thinking Mantica because I'm a KoW fan and while there is enough that I don't have to build my own setting and Mantica includes most generic fantasy environments, it not as daunting (or time consuming) to gain good familiarity as the majorRPG settings and are.

    Thoughts, advice or experience will be much appreciated.

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    Should be doable. I imagine Pathfinder on any edition of D&D (using basic books only, not realm/setting specific) would work really well.
    Rolemaster is generic, but is probably a little too complex to run smoothly and fun (though easily versatile enough).

    I mean those would be my 3 choices as all 3 start with a basic, generic fantasy setting and adapting Mantica to that should be easy enough (in fact, very little adaption would be needed)
    I've never run an RPG in Mantica, but I think Dungeon Saga is a good starting point, and Vanguard will be...but a proper RPG could be fun.

    The biggest hurdle will be the forces of the Abyss. That would require some conversion work regardless of system.

    The first thing to do of course, is try and work out what system you're using, and what everyone wants to play. From there, you can fit the setting a bit better.
    It would also be helpful if your gaming group had at least a passing familiarity (don;t need an in-depth one) with the world of Mantica, simply due to the complexities of the Human nations... (Basilea, KoM, Brotherhood, Northern Alliance etc.) as that will effect their characters.


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      In case you're interested, my role-playing system of choice is Pinnacle Entertainment's Savage Worlds. If I was going to run a game set in Mantica, that is the system I would use. Although, I suppose I should admit that it is the system I use to run games in any settings - hahaha!