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Damn. Why i can not buy StarSaga

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  • Damn. Why i can not buy StarSaga

    Wtb starsaga kickstarter edition from mantic shop .

    Sorry, one or more of your items is not deliverable to the country of your shipping address. Please remove the following items(s) from your basket to proceed.
    • Star Saga Kickstarter Edition
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    I would suggest you raise a support ticket here;-


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      - Thanks for getting in touch. Sadly this is due to weight once it goes over 2kg we can't ship to Russia. This is due to rules with your country not allowing us to send things Currier.

      Why i have not such a problems with Games Workshop, HFM, and all ebay sellers?

      It was a good eight years, when I was a fan of your company and the products produced by you.

      But things are changing and your service is also getting worse. If before, you had numerous problems such as lost payments, forgotten positions from the order, or mass defective items. And with all this mess, I could be reconciled.
      The fact that I can not buy the product that I want from your site, makes me refuse in the future from buying your goods and pay my attention, and the purse, to other manufacturers.